Jade Loney

Motherhood & identity

They said

“Six weeks they said, to become the Mother. They never told you that becoming Her would be your life’s work.” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.


Which Mumli mum are you?

We know, another parenting app, but hear us out! Whether you’re a new mom or a pro at this motherhood thing, read on to see if Mumli is made for you (hint: it is).


How to parent like a damn boss

Parenting is a full time job, so let’s start treating it like one. Use these strategies to stay on top of all things motherhood and save time & energy.


Back then

“One day years from now, you’ll ask me how the world used to be, back then.” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.


Motherhood Uncut: Jade

Jade Loney’s breastfeeding story is one you’ll relate to no matter how you feed your baby, because we’re all just doing the best we can. Read her motherhood story.


Mumli stands with all mums

It’s World Breastfeeding Week this week, and Mumli is standing with all moms. Here’s why.

Motherhood & identity

Mums reveal how motherhood changed them

Becoming a new mom can really challenge your sense of self. We asked moms how motherhood has changed them & how it’s mostly for the better. Read more.

Motherhood & identity

Which kind of mama are you?

“Which mama are you? They will ask, in their way…” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.

Motherhood & identity

Motherhood Uncut: Haylee Pt2

In part two, Haylee talks about being told she would lose her baby, living her high risk pregnancy week to week & when the reality of motherhood hit her.


Motherhood Uncut: Haylee Pt1

We sat down with Haylee to hear her incredible story, ask all things infertility, IVF & pregnancy, and get her advice for other women considering the same path.

Motherhood & identity

We were taught to be small

“As women, we grew up learning to be small… When we became mothers, we were told to be invisible.” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.

First trimester

This is the year your baby is born

“You’ll wonder how to piece yourself back together while giving so much of yourself away” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.

Motherhood & identity

2020: The year of the mum

“Here’s to you mama, as we head into a new year…we do promise this year made you stronger” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.


Here’s to the mums

“To all the mums; You are the divine creators, the safe space holders, the wipers of tears, and menders of tiny bruised hearts.” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.

Motherhood & identity

There are no days off in motherhood

“I catch myself every now and then wishing for a minute, an hour, a day, all to myself.” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.

Motherhood & identity

2020: The year you were born

“One day when you’re grown, you’ll ask me about the year you were born… But this is what I need you to know.” A motherhood poem by Jade Loney.


It’s not enough to raise a feminist

It’s not enough to raise feminists. If we truly want to plant the seed of change for our future generation, we need to be raising boys to become allies. Read more.

Planning for baby

40 things to do before you give birth

Wondering how to plan for a baby? Read our list of things to do before your little one arrives, including pregnancy self care, booking a babymoon & more.


Why dropping the ball makes you a better mum

It’s normal to drop a ball or two in motherhood. It’s okay to let someone else take over for a while. In fact, it might end up making you a better mum. Read more.


How I learned to love the mental load

Jade Loney shares how she learned to deal with & distribute the mental load to start co-parenting more evenly between her & her partner. Read more.

Motherhood & identity

You are not just a mum

Transitioning into motherhood can leave you feeling as though the woman you once were no longer exists at all. But it shouldn’t have to be this way. Read more.