Steph Underhill


Do parents need to be educators too?

There’s a lot of pressure to offer educational at-home activities to promote kids’ development. It can be overwhelming. Do parents need to be educators too?


Four of the best period tracker apps

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How to get rid of baby hiccups

Feel like your baby hiccups a LOT? Like, an unnatural amount? Newborns can spend 2.5% of their time hiccuping, so you’re not imagining it. Learn what to do.


Dads, we see your sacrifice

Dads sacrifice a lot for their families, and a lot of it goes unnoticed. But dads, we see you and we thank you.


Why we need to support dads

We know moms have a tough gig. But there’s a serious gap in support for dads. Read about why we need to do more to help men transition into fatherhood.