Steph Underhill


What Is Steiner (AKA Waldorf) education?

Looking into daycares or schools? The Steiner education philosophy is a tried & tested approach to learning. Read more about this early childhood education method.


Do hospital birth classes cover enough?

Hospital antenatal classes cover a lot of what you need to know about the stages of labour & birth. They’re like a fun field trip, but with more vagina talk.


Why is everyone obsessed with Montessori?

Lots of parents & schools are turning to Montessori learning these days. Learn what Montessori is about & the benefits of this early childhood education method.


What to expect from a HypnoBirth class

Looking into antenatal classes? Hypnobirthing is a popular choice among mums who want an intervention-free birth. Read all about what to expect.


How to create a baby budget

Have a little one on the way? Time to create a baby budget! Sorting out your finances during your pregnancy will help Future You stress less later on. Read more.


Ways to save money with a baby

Babies ain’t cheap. But thankfully, moms are thrifty. If you need tips for saving money with a baby, you’ve come to the right place. Read more.