15 things to do while you’re breastfeeding that aren’t watching Netflix

Breastfeeding. It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect and bond with your little bundle of joy. But, let’s be real…it can also be damn boring! Trapped under a dead weight, your mind racing with things you could be doing and no idea how long the little suckle-monster will be attached to your nips. 

What’s a bored mama to do, we hear you ask. This isn’t another f*cking piece suggesting you watch TV or listen to a podcast, or enjoy some online shopping (anyone else almost bought a $100 silk hair turban at 2am?! I swear tired shopping is deadlier than drunk shopping!). 

Rather, here are 15 things to do while breastfeeding that aren’t watching Netflix. The bonus? Most of them don’t involve your baby (you deserve some you-time, mama), and some are even proven to help you unwind: 

1. Sell your sh*t

Those suddenly-too-small pre-baby clothes stinking up your life with their bad juju? Sell them on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, whatever. Use the cash you earn to buy yourself a gift.

2. Learn a language

Download Duolingo, and learn how to tell your kiddo to go the f*ck to sleep in French. It’s classier that way.

3. Do a breathing meditation

It’s easy enough to do while your little one is chomping on your boobies, and is known to help reduce stress. Try Headspace or Calm for guided practices.

4. Play fantasy football

This is a can of worms for anyone with an addictive personality. As a brief overview, you can research players to build your ideal team, then trade players to increase your chances of winning the ‘virtual’ league. There are entire websites and podcasts about it. And if you partake in the US NFL or UK premier league circles, it’s likely there’ll be other fantasy footballers up during those night feeds to chat and trade players with.

5. Invest in shares

It never hurts to have a little stash of cash growing for yourself, and you can buy shares using an app on your phone. Hit up the Barefoot Investor book or website, or the She’s On The Money podcast for ideas to get started.

6. Colour in (digitally)

Yep, there’s an app for that. And yep, it’s proven to help you de-stress and relax. Need we say more?

7. Edit photos

Those 14,000 baby pics on your phone? Why not get creative and edit them! You know we love Sarah Nicole of The Birds Papaya here at Mumli; well her Pink Papaya photo app has some glam filters, special effects and more.

8. Plan your dream holiday

While travel might not be on the cards at the moment (#COVID), research has shown that the simple act of planning a trip can be almost as good for your mental health and happiness as going on the trip itself. Crack out the spreadsheets, my friend!

9. Spark up an old friendship

The early days of motherhood can be lonely as all hell, but connecting with others can help curb this. Noticed a girl you went to highschool with just had a baby? Reach out; she’s likely free the same weird hours you are. See here for other ideas to nurture your wellbeing post-baby, too.

10. Or stalk an ex

We all know you haven’t deleted your high school BF from your Facebook because a sneaky stalk of his train wreck of a life is too fun…

11. Listen to an audiobook

Honestly, what did our parents do without these? Who has time to read with a baby? Visit Audible.com.

12. Practice editing videos

To make your next TikTok, or just have a little fun with the 1,000 videos you have of your baby giggling. Pro tip: you can also edit your vids in the Pink Papaya app.

13. Read a foreign newspaper online

Pick a random city, search for its local newspaper and get reading. You never know what you might learn about global affairs, economics, art, you name it.

14. Perv on million-dollar mansions

We’ve all got a pipe dream. Mine is to have a pool and adjoining margarita bar. I like to daydream on Domain.com.au; you might prefer Realestate.com.au. Max out those price filters baby and drift off into property heaven.

15. Join the conversation on Mumli

A shameless plug, but we couldn’t not! Chances are there’s another mum on here right now, breastfeeding and bored out of her mind just like you!

Give a breastfeeding mama a smartphone with an internet connection, we say, and she could rule the world. Literally. I wrote most of this while breastfeeding. At the end of the day though, if watching tv or chilling out to a podcast is your poison, that’s ok too. You do you, girl!

Mamas – hit us in the comments below with what you like to do while feeding!

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