10 of the best baby sun hats and baby swimsuits

Keeping your baby’s beautiful skin protected from the sun’s rays can feel like a mammoth task. Like, you’ve got to choose a baby sunscreen, master the art of putting it on, learn to read UV forecasts and become a pro at setting up a freaking baby sun protection tent. You also need to work out how to dress your baby in sun-protective clothing, like baby sun hats and baby swimsuits. As essential as it is, sun safety can feel like a whole-f*cking-lot.  

But, today, we’re going to take the latter of these things off your plate: here’s a guide to 10 of the best baby sun hats and best baby swimsuits. Let’s go shopping.

First, a word about sun-protective clothing 

Like, what the hell is it? 

Sun-protective clothing is clothing that, as the name suggests, shields the skin from the sun’s rays. It’s one way of safeguarding from sunburn and skin damage, alongside using baby sunscreen and staying out of the sun where possible (whether that’s sticking to the shade or reserving outdoor time for when the sun’s at its weakest). It’s a particularly effective way of protecting your little one’s skin if they’re under six months of age and not yet ready for baby sunscreen. 

And what does sun-protective clothing look like? 

It’s an item of clothing that covers as much skin as possible – so think long-legged pants, long sleeve shirts, and wide-brim hats. And it’s clothing that’s made using fabric that’s as protective as possible. Interestingly, tightly woven, darker, and looser-fitting fabrics offer more protection from the sun than loosely woven, lighter coloured, tighter-fitting fabrics (who knew?!). Some brands even offer a UPF rating for their clothing, which stands for ‘ultraviolet protection factor’ and refers to how well the item of clothing will protect the skin from the sun’s rays. (On this, all the baby sun hats and baby swimsuits listed below are UPF-rated for peace of mind – we’ve got your back, mama.)

So now that we’re across this, let’s move on to the cute stuff.

Best baby sun hats

Even though they can be a pain in the a*s to keep on your kid’s head, a baby sun hat is a must for sun protection. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

Best overall baby sun hat: Sunday Afternoons Infant SunSprout Hat

Sunday Afternoons’ Infant SunSprout Hat is the best baby sun hat in our books. Why? It’s packable and crushable (read: perfect for the nappy bag), it has an easy-release chin strap for quick dressing, is pram friendly (the back flap is soft, making it comfy for your little one when they’re seated), and its elastic sizing band means it grows with your babe. Plus, it’s UPF50+ rated. Yes, yes, yes. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Sunday Afternoons Infant SunSprout Hat

Source: Botanex

Best baby girl sun hat: Purebaby Broad Brim Sun Hat

Purebaby’s Broad Brim Sun Hat is our pick for the best baby girl sun hat – while there is a selection of patterns and colours available in this particular style’s range, the ones intended for little ladies are just the cutest. On top of this, it offers a wide brim for protection and an adjustable toggle to keep the hat secure, is UPF50+ rated, and is made from recycled plastic bottles and other ocean landfill waste. How wonderful. 

Buy it here.

Purebaby Broad Brim Sun Hat

Source: Purebaby

Best baby boy sun hat: Flap Happy Original Flap Hat 

Trying to keep a baby sun hat on your wee one can be a freaking struggle at the best of times. But when that wee one is a rambunctious, strong-willed little boy? That can be a whole other (challenging) ball game. 

So this is why we think Flap Happy’s Original Flap Hat is the best baby boy sun hat. Rather than a chin strap that you need to wrangle onto your baby, it has an elastic band that sits snugly around the head to “keep that damn hat on”, as mums say. It’s so easy. In addition, it has a large brim that shades the face and a back flap that protects the ears and neck from the sun, it’s machine-washable and comes in so many fun prints. Oh, and it’s UPF50+ rated. 

Buy it here.

Flap Happy Original Flap Hat

Source: Flap Happy

Best waterproof baby sun hat: Toshi Swim Sunhat 

If you’ve got a little water baby (or you’re a family that loves to swim), Toshi’s Swim Sunhat is the best waterproof baby sun hat. It’s UPF 50+ rated and made from a fast-drying, chlorine-resistant, and salt water-friendly fabric. Plus, it has a head toggle meaning you can adjust the hat’s sizing to suit your babe, a chin strap to secure that sucker, and a broad brim for ultimate sun safety. And did we mention that it comes in the most beautiful patterns? 

Buy it here.

Toshi Swim Sunhat 

Source: Toshi

Best bang for buck baby sun hat: Coolibar Baby Splashy Bucket Hat 

Do you know what we love most about this baby sun hat? It’s perhaps one of the best baby sun protection hats but doesn’t have a hefty price tag. It’s broad brim and UPF50+ for ultimate protection, has a moisture-wicking internal headband (for your little sweaty spaghetti), a non-scratch hooked chin strap, is chlorine and saltwater-resistant, and has four-way stretch for maximum comfort. It’s fast-drying, too. And all this for about $30AUD/$24USD. Wow. 

Buy it here.

Coolibar Baby Splashy Bucket Hat

Source: Coolibar 

Best baby swimsuits

Keeping your little one’s skin protected while around the water is a must when it comes to sun safety for kids – water can reflect the sun’s rays onto the skin (yikes). So here are the protective baby swimsuits we love.

Best overall baby swimsuit: SwimZip Long Sleeve Romper 

SwimZip’s Long Sleeve Romper is super sun-safe (which is why it’s our overall pick of best baby swimsuits). It boasts nearly full coverage with long sleeves and legs and a high neck, an oversized pull zipper for easy dressing, and even a tagless neck to ensure there’s no itchiness (seriously, SwimZip has thought of everything). It’s UPF50+ rated and is available in a range of delicious prints and colours.

Buy it here.

SwimZip Long Sleeve Romper

Source: SwimZip

Best baby girl swimsuit: Goldie and Ace Zip Up Sunsuit 

With its dreamy prints, Goldie and Ace’s Zip Up Sunsuit is perhaps one of the cutest options for baby girls. In the range, you’ll find a suit covered in daisies, another in bright floral posies, and even one in a pink and blue check (we wish they came in adult sizes for mums). But the best thing about each is that they’re all UPF40+ rated, they feature a zip-up front making them easy to put on, and they have long sleeves for maximum sun safety. 

Buy it here.

Goldie and Ace Zip Up Sunsuit

Source: Goldie and Ace

Best baby boy swimsuit: Snapper Rock Sunset Cruising Long Sleeve Sunsuit 

Look, it’s 2022 – boys can 100 per cent wear pink (and some of them even look damn good in it). And we think this salmon-hued swimsuit from Snapper Rock is one of the top swimsuits around for little dudes. It’s long-sleeved and UPF50+ rated for sun protection and has a centre front zip and leg snaps for easy dressing and diaper changes at the beach or pool if need be. Plus, there are matching board shorts for dad and big brother available too. (Fetch the camera because that’ll be too cute.) 

Buy it here.

Snapper Rock Sunset Cruising Long Sleeve Sunsuit

Source: Snapper Rock

Best unisex baby swimsuit: Ina Swim June Long Sleeve One Piece

Is it weird to call a baby swimsuit chic? Well, we’re going to anyway because Ina Swim’s June Long Sleeve One Piece is really damn stylish. It features long sleeves, a high neck, and a UPF50+ rating, it has a zipper on the back for ease of dressing and a snap crotch on its smaller-sized suits for diaper changes on the go, plus it boasts a wide-cut leg to allow room for a swim diaper, and it’s chlorine-resistant. And – as if this wasn’t enough – it’s available in a selection of muted tones. All this is why we call it one of the top unisex baby swimsuits out there. 

Buy it here

Ina Swim June Long Sleeve One Piece

Source: Ina Swim

Best matching mummy and baby swimsuits: Mott50 Baby Long Sleeve Sunsuit 

Reason no. 325 for having a kid: wearing matching family outfits. Yew! 

This is why we love Mott50’s Baby Long Sleeve Sunsuit – buy it in the ‘Blueberry Fields’ pattern, and you’ll find a matching ruffled one-piece for mum and even boardshorts for dad, all UPF50+ rated and all gorgeous AF. 

Other things to know about this baby swimsuit? It’s made from a classic swim fabric that’s lightweight and quick-drying, it offers a zip front to make dressing simple and a snap crotch for diaper changes, and it’s long-sleeved to make sure your little one is safe from the sun.

Buy it here.

Mott50 Baby Long Sleeve Sunsuit

Source: Mott50

Now that’s you (and your babe) covered, mama. Time to get out there – hit the beach; fire up the hose in the backyard; take a dip in the pool. Enjoy it (and know that you’re keeping your little one sun safe in the process). 

All products linked in this article are available as of January 2022.

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