8 kicka*s Christmas crafts for toddlers

(Potentially) unpopular opinion: Christmas crafts are the bomb. They’re great for keeping little people occupied while they’re home from daycare or preschool during the holidays. Plus, they’re a wonderful way of making some damn cute memories. (And for making Christmas cards and decor, if you’re really clever about it #momwin.)

The Mumli elves have consulted the ‘Net, and here are eight kicka*s – yet easy AF – Christmas crafts for toddlers to try this festive season. Fetch the glue and pom poms, mama!

Salt dough fingerprint tree ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are such a cute Christmas craft. There’s a reason why they’re a classic!

So, if you’re looking for a salt dough ornament craft to try with your toddler this Christmas, we love this tutorial for fingerprint Christmas trees. You make salt dough, cut it into tree shapes, then use your little one’s fingerprints to make ‘baubles’ on the tree. It’s fun, easy, adorable, and – interestingly – a gorgeous way of tracking your kid’s growth each year (those baubles are only going to get bigger – wow).

Salt dough fingerprint tree ornaments

Source: Crafty Morning

Pom pom Christmas tree painting

Ok, using pom poms to paint is potentially one of the greatest toddler-parent know-hows we’ve come across in a while… like it’s easy, there’s no cleaning of brushes, and you can make it educational by matching the color of the pom poms to the color of the paints. LOVE.

So, we’re excited to give this craft activity a try this Christmas. Cut a piece of green craft paper into the shape of a Christmas tree. Secure a pom pom within a clothespin – generally, one per paint color you’re setting out. Then let your kiddo go to town painting baubles into the paper tree. You can either let them paint freely or draw out dots for them to try landing the pom pom onto.

Pro tip: you could even use this painting concept to make Christmas cards for your friends and family together with your kid.

Pom pom Christmas tree painting

Source: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Cupcake liner ornaments

Cupcake liners get a 10/10 from us for their versatility. You can use them to make cupcakes… but you can also use them for crafting.

And on the topic of the latter, here’s a Christmas-themed craft to try: cupcake liner ornaments. Have your kid glue cupcake liners onto a piece of crafting paper – about two or three should fit nicely. Help them to draw a ‘string’ onto each ornament. Then, let them decorate the ornaments to their heart’s content using glitter, sequins, and pens!

You can either hang your kid’s masterpiece on the fridge. Or – as food for thought – why not use it as a sort of oversized Christmas card? Just write a message on the back.

Cupcake liner ornaments

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Bottle Christmas trees

This Christmas-themed craft is a triple-threat: it’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s an opportunity for your little person to practice their fine motor skills. Wow.

Here’s what you do…

Grab some cleaned and de-labeled green plastic bottles (you know, like a San Pellegrino bottle) and a handful of Christmas-themed foam shapes (you can find them as stickers with adhesive already on the back, or without – you’d just need a craft glue too in the case of the latter). Let your kid go hard on decorating the bottle with the shapes, finishing the look with a foam star on the lid. So easy!

Source: Stir the Wonder

Sparkly foil icicles

Mamas, this is one of the better-looking Christmas crafts that we’ve come across…

Start by cutting or tearing aluminum foil into big triangle shapes. Fold the top of the triangles down a few inches, and glue a looped piece of string to the corner of each (you’ll use this to hang the icicles once they’re done). Then, with your kid’s help (note that the first steps of this craft might be a mom job, depending on how old your kid is), roll the foil into cone shapes and squeeze them to turn into icicles. Dab glue onto the icicles, and roll in glitter (this tutorial uses blue glitter). Once dried, hang them up! You can pop them on your tree, or turn them into a garland.

Sparkly foil icicles

Source: Kids Craft Room

Popsicle stick Christmas trees

This craft is so sweet. 

Glue popsicle sticks together to create a tree shape, and attach a loop of string at the top for hanging. Then, help your little person decorate the tree using anything from sparkly pipe cleaners to mini pom poms, buttons, or rhinestones (fun). Cut a star using yellow craft card, and complete the tree by gluing the star to the top. So merry!

Popsicle stick Christmas trees

Source: One Little Project

Snowman in a bag

We love this simple yet creative craft – it uses supplies you likely already have around the house.

Grab a sandwich bag and fill it with shaving cream. Get your little one’s help cutting a long triangle shape out of orange paper (for the snowman’s nose) and three black circles out of black paper (to make the snowman’s mouth). Together, glue these shapes and two googly eyes onto the bag to form a snowman face. 

Let your kiddo play, smushing the bag to feel the gooey cream – it’s a fun, mess-free sensory experience for younger toddlers and for those with disabilities (according to the author of this crafting tutorial, whose son has a disability).

Snowman in a bag

Source: Oh My Creative

Reindeer footprint art

Disclosure: this craft is a little messy, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

Prepare some brown, non-toxic craft paint. Cover your kid’s feet in the paint, and have them leave a footprint on a piece of white craft paper (one foot per piece). Clean those feet off! Next, grab googly eyes and red buttons. Together, glue the two googly eyes where the ball of your kid’s foot would be, and the red button (for a nose!) onto where your kid’s heel would sit. Draw on antlers. Hey, presto – a cute little foot reindeer!

Source: Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Time to get crafting, mama bear. For more festive fun, read next: 10 easy 15-minute Christmas treats and 8 Christmas presents to treat yourself to in 2021.

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