33 hilarious reasons why toddlers have gotten upset

Toddlers…. Am I right?! If you are the parent of a tiny tornado, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you’ve still got a relatively immobile cherub cooing away sweetly in your arms, you’ll learn soon enough.

Toddlers are a #mood. Or, more accurately, a series of unpredictable, randomised moods. And look, we get it. They’re overwhelmed by their big feelings, and it’s our job to help them learn how to deal with those feelings in a safe space. And it’s tough. 

Sometimes, what’s even tougher though… is not laughing in their face at the ridiculous reasons that they do get upset.

So after you’ve tucked your kids in for the night, pour a beverage and let’s share a closeted giggle over the struggles our little ones suffer through.

33 hilarious reasons why toddlers have gotten upset

I wouldn’t let him ride the dog around the backyard like a horse. – Kasey

I wouldn’t let him eat his own poo. You’ll thank me one day son. – Jen

I was showing her photos of us from when she was a baby and she got upset that I was hugging another kid. Could not comprehend that she was the baby in the photos. – Sara

He demanded some of my food, and then cried when I gave it to him because he didn’t like it. But then demanded more, and got upset again. – Alex

He looked at me and didn’t like what he saw I guess. – Naomi

Her pants were on the fan… I walk into the room and yep there they were! – Tamara

He was hungry and couldn’t find his dinner after tipping it ON HIS HEAD! – Tara

We told my daughter we were going to have another baby and it was a boy. She was very upset as she did NOT want a brother. – Samantha

Her daddy sneezed too loudly. – Helen

When the cloud that looked like a puppy went away – Rhiannon

One time he thought he heard daddy say he was going to hurt mommy… but really he had just whispered “I’m going to hit that so hard tonight!” HA! I guess what he doesn’t know really can upset him. – Anna

He wanted the dog to pat him and got very upset that it wouldn’t. – Chantelle

Was absolutely devastated when the cat stole his cookie. To be fair, I would be too! – Peri

He didn’t want to play at the park but stand at the fence and watch cars go past instead. – Lauren

He cried because he has too many toys.- Becky

Because I didn’t share her enthusiasm for plastic forks. – Carmen

When she couldn’t take a rocking horse home from the store – Paula

When I cut the coat hanger string off her pajama pants. She cried and cried and I said what’s wrong bubba she said “why did you cut off my penis” haha she’s four. – Melanie

Crying for literally no reason at all. – Simone

I gave him the drink bottle he asked for. – Neve

She wasn’t allowed to go into the men’s room with her dad. – Rachel

She lost her shoe. – Talia

I gave him yogurt for afternoon tea, and he lost it because it wasn’t the right yogurt. We only ever eat one exact brand of the exact same yogurt. So I pretended to change it to “the right yogurt” and then the exact same yogurt was suddenly fine. – Val

I hugged and kissed my dog in front of her. – Lana

I ate her snack (note: it was my snack, but apparently they’re all her snacks). – Kira

Not allowing him to eat toothpaste – Georgia

Because I wouldn’t let them lick a pole in public. – Sheree

Her meatballs crumbled into small pieces. – Lorena

She offered me a bite of her sandwich and I ate it, how dare I! – Kate

I wiped a booger from her nose and then wouldn’t give it back to her. – Gemma

I served her breakfast on the pink plate instead of the blue plate. The audacity. – Elissa

Cried because he wanted his dummy. Gave it to him, and then he threw it on the floor and cried (again) for his dummy. Gave it to him, and you can guess what he did next. – Vanessa

My dad gave my son a tiny wind up baby chicken for Easter and when we wound it up and it walked along the floor my son screamed bloody murder and ran away. He is terrified of it! – Jade

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