We asked mums to share their best baby hacks

Motherhood is really, really hard (and amazing) but also very challenging (and rewarding) but also the steepest learning curve in existence. And if we’re being honest, none of us really know WTF we’re doing, BUT we do become very good at figuring things out as we go and collecting lots of nuggets of useful information along the way.

We’re also bloody amazing humans who are willing to share said information for the good of the sisterhood.

We asked some seasoned mums to share their best baby hacks and I’m kind of mad I didn’t know some of these earlier TBH.

Use a makeup brush to put nappy cream on so you don’t get it all over your hands. – Kira

Layering the bed sheets so if there’s an accident I can just whip the first set of sheets/protector off and there’s another ready to go. – Cassie

Always travel with feeding bowls with built-in spoons as that way you don’t have to find somewhere for dirty cutlery after a solids feed. – Tamara

Don’t take the kids to the supermarket, online grocery shop instead. – Sara

Whipping a bunch of veggies into a puree and serving with meat and pasta or rice as a “pasta sauce” to get a few extra serves of veg in. – Jade

I tape myself singing and play it back to bubs so I don’t have to sing the same songs continuously. – Helen

Using puppy pee pads as a portable change mat for night time changing so I don’t have to go to the change table each time. – Remy

If they won’t fall asleep, sometimes I turn the clock forward and then bring them out to watch one episode of their fav kids show. They are always so excited to be staying up so late, when in reality it’s only about half an hour past their usual bedtime! By the time they finish the show, they decide that 10pm is soooo late, so they are totally ready to crash! – Anna

Keep the nappy bag stocked and in the car so it’s easier to get out and about. – Jenna

Drink water during breastfeeding and you will get more letdowns. – Liv

A bottle warmer upstairs and down for easy feeds during the night. – Lauren 

Keep your kids empty Kinder Surprise eggs and drill a hole in the bottom, so that when little miss decides she doesn’t want to finish her lollypop till late you can slip the lollypop stick through the hole and close the plastic kinder egg around the lollipop. Great if you’re out and about too. – Amanda

Covering the high chair in cling film to get rid of mess quickly. – Rachel

Use nipple cream for healing wounds on bubs nose, mouth etc. – Lana

Download a white noise playlist with long songs for when you’re out and it’s nap time. – Fiona

Water fixes everything! Going for a swim or having a bath always helped calm my baby. – Vanessa

Baby wipes are great for cleaning everything, not just your baby’s bum! Keep a spare pack in the car. – Anya

Daktozin for nappy rash. – Sheree

Put a full outfit in a ziplock bag, and have a few of these in your nappy bag so that you can access a full change of clothes quickly. This is a lifesaver on holidays too! – Hannah

Put plastic toys in the dishwasher to clean them. Saves so much time. – Alex

Make little breast milk ice blocks for when bub is teething by freezing breast milk in ice cube trays and sticking a dummy on top. – Eva

If you have a 2 storey house, have a nappy changing station on each level so you don’t have to go up and down the stairs each time. – Steph

Have you got a genius hack that other mums need to know? Share in the comments.

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