10 positive birth stories you need to hear about

Giving birth – particularly if it’s your first time – can seem scary AF. 

Like, there’s so much unknown. 

Will it start with your waters breaking or losing your mucus plug? Will it take three hours or thirty-six hours? Will it happen in a tub at the hospital or via a cesarean? Will it hurt like a motherf*cker? Most importantly, will you poop yourself? Answer: quite possibly, but it’s ok. 

This is the magic of giving birth. 

Yes, it can feel terrifying. And yes, the best-laid plans can go out the window because things happen. But, it can be something beautiful, overwhelming, transformative, and surprising. 

Here are 10 birth stories that show no matter how you give birth, it can be a positive experience. 

The “we chose to do it at home” birth

During her first pregnancy, home design and decor entrepreneur Kasey had such a positive home birth experience that she decided to do it again for baby number two. And so little West was born in May 2021, in Kasey’s home in Idaho with the help of her husband, Luke, and her midwife. The result? She gave birth in a safe space and on her terms, feeling supported, empowered, and loved. Read her full story here.  

The “oh sh*t that was unexpected” birth

Fitness influencer Emily gave birth to her son Izaac in June 2020. Where, you ask? At home, on her eldest daughter’s play mat. The dramatic fashion it all happened in aside, Emily said she’s never been more amazed by what her body can do. Read her full story here.

The “that wasn’t the plan” birth

Actress, writer, and presenter Maggie welcomed her girl Noa in May 2021. Maggie was not expecting her body to go into labor naturally, so she had an induction lined up. But, Noa had other ideas. While Maggie’s birth didn’t go the way she planned, it was in the best way possible: she left the experience feeling strong and grateful for her body. Read her full story here.  

The “we got induced and it was great” birth

In July 2020, digital creator Emily gave birth to her son, Noah. Despite indications Noah might come early, Emily ended up welcoming him via a scheduled induction and with an epidural, an experience that she found overwhelmingly positive considering her trepidations towards pregnancy and birth before it all took place. You can read her story here

The “I got my zen on in the tub” birth

Business owner Laura’s second child, Beckham, arrived in June 2020. After days of stop and start labor, a dash to the hospital in peak hour traffic, and a whole lot of HypnoBirthing meditation later, Laura described sliding into the tub the midwives prepared for her as “heaven” – and that’s even with her young daughter at her side. Enjoy her story here

The “I trusted my gut and said no to an epidural” birth

Digital creator Jenny welcomed her daughter, Lucy, in May 2020. Before birth, Jenny had done extensive research during pregnancy about the different options for giving birth, including the options for pain management; meaning she knew all the factors involved with having an epidural. Despite her contractions becoming stronger and harder, when asked if she wanted relief, Jenny went with her gut and said no – eventually calling Lucy’s arrival “euphoric”. Click here for Jenny’s story.  

The “cesarean was the best for me” birth

Blogger Shelbie was expecting her son, Odin, in October 2020. Following an emergency c-section during the birth of her previous child, Shelbie found herself increasingly anxious about Odin’s health before his delivery, leading her midwife to gently suggest a scheduled c-section to turn this birth into as positive an experience as possible – which it was. You can read about Odin’s birth here

The “that was unplanned” cesarean birth

Speaker, spearfisher, chef, and artistKimi gave birth to her son Buddy in early 2020. Despite plans for a drug-free, home water birth, Kimi was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 39 weeks, seeing her need to deliver Buddy immediately. Surrounded by a team of supportive and respectful doctors and midwives, Kimi surprised everyone by requesting a spinal tap and planned c-section. You can read her story here.  

The “she came early!” birth 

Marla, an actress, and director, was surprised when her daughter Olive decided to make her entry into the world at 34 weeks, in March of 2015. Olive was born healthy and safe, but the most beautiful bit? Marla and her husband spent the time in between contractions, yes, in denial, but also ironing out Olive’s name, and how they’d celebrate her birth with their eldest daughter, Elliotte. Now that’s family love. Read the story here

The “I did it VBAC…again” birth

Lifestyle blogger Val gave birth to her fourth child, Auggie, in February 2020, via VBAC. For, those coming up to speed, VBAC stands for vaginal birth after cesarean, and, despite many women wanting to give it a try, it is sometimes considered risky by doctors. Auggie’s birth marked Val’s third successful VBAC, and she shared her story for others to take hope from here

Now, over to you, mamas. Did you have a positive birth experience? Tell us in the comments. 

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