Mums reveal: What I wish I had ready at home after birth

Hey Mama! If you’re reading this article, you’re probably here for one of two reasons… 

Either you’re the type of woman who thrives with a to-do list the length of her arm, has a ‘zone’ for back stock in her pantry, and has already ordered her unborn child’s entire 6-12 month seasonally correct wardrobe. Or, you’re the type of woman who feels a sense of accomplishment simply by remembering to take her prenatal two days in a row, has no idea what a ‘zone’ for back stock is, and is going to ‘wing it’ when she goes into labour.

Whatever the case, you want to know whether you’ve thought of everything you need to have ready for your first day as a Mama, or at least feel confident that you’ve covered enough of the basics to get by. So who better to ask than Mamas who have already been there?

We asked mums what they wish they had thought to organise to have ready when they got home from hospital with their brand new little bub:

A few mums wish they had organised some extra things for their baby…

A bassinet. We only had a cot, which he refused to sleep in. I thought a bassinet was just a waste of money! I don’t know if it was the mattress or the temperature or what, but once we borrowed a bassinet from a friend we were able to put him down finally! – Hannah

We were pretty ready, I wish we had blackout blinds to help both of us sleep during the day though – Nikki

Smaller clothes. I thought newborn sized would fit newborns but turns out we needed those extra small (extra cute) onesies for the first few weeks – Liana

Some mums wish they had prepared more for themselves…

Ice packs for my vagina – Tameesha

Neurofen and paracetamol – Marie

I got everything ready for my baby and didn’t get anything ready to help me heal. Definitely needed more panadol and neurofen, way more maternity pads, ice packs for down there and lansinoh nipple cream because OUCH – Dani

A couple wish they had organised a helping hand…

My mum – Elise

Midwives ha! People on call to help you raise your new human being. – Georgia

I wish my partner had taken more time off work! He went back after three days and I suddenly realised how much easier it had been with him there helping out – Vanessa

And some wish they had prepared in case breastfeeding didn’t go to plan…

Formula and sterile bottles as breastfeeding didn’t come easily. – Alex

I was pretty organised. I’m glad I had bottles and a steriliser all washed and ready for use because I had to mix feed at the start while my milk was still coming in. – Mia

A breast pump. I was told it was a waste of money and I could hire one or run out and buy one. When your boobs become engorged and it’s 11 pm at night, and you have a sleeping baby, waiting until the shops open at 9 am to send hubby out to choose a breast pump for you doesn’t seem like you initially made the right decision. – Stephanie

The most overwhelming response was mums wishing they had organised more food…

Food in my freezer ready to go for the nights when I couldn’t be bothered cooking. – Leesa

Bottles of water and easy late night snacks, I was so hungry all the time! – Jen

I could have used some healthy midnight snacks. The last thing you want to be doing in the middle of the night is preparing food. Have them ready to go! And make sure you can eat them one handed – Pip

Meals! I wish I had pre-cooked two weeks’ worth of food and just had it in the freezer. – Stephanie

I wish I had batch cooked a bunch of meals because we were just too tired to cook and basically lived on Uber Eats for weeks. – Tami

Another common response was a more comfortable setup…

A cozy couch set up so I wouldn’t have to move so much. – Beau

Perhaps a better chair for feeding. – Jemma

I wish I had set it up so it was easier to breastfeed in bed in the middle of the night, and also a separate bed for my partner so the baby didn’t wake him up. He had to get up for work super early and so ended up sleeping on the couch for the first three months. – Jade

The general theme was simply… more…

More oversized trackie pants. – Megan

More nappies! We went with cloth but our baby was just too small for them, so we had to emergency buy some disposables. It’s good to have both on hand for a while until you get into the cloth routine if you’re going down that path. We were super fortunate that friends made meals for us so our freezer was stocked, and that proved to be the best thing we had ready! – Zoe

Milk collection shells, breast pump, storage bags. More sleepsuits and cot sheets (he’s a vomiter). A good no-touch thermometer. I’m a super anxious mum so I always checked if he was overheating, really put my mind at ease. – Melanie

More pads, more nipple protectors, more swaddles, more everything really. – Sarah

And on the odd occasion, maybe a little bit less…

I wish I didn’t have so much ready if that makes sense. You only need the basics with a newborn, somewhere to change them, bath them and for them to sleep. Doing a whole nursery isn’t required, especially if they are in with you for a while. – Liz

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