She Births classes: worth the hype?

Toted as the only scientifically proven childbirth education program in the world, you can understand why mums would be raving about the “where science meets nature” philosophy that She Births was founded on. They get results, and they’ve got the data to back it up.

If you’re looking to get a bit ‘more’ from your birth class (beyond the usual rundown on pain management options, breathing techniques, explanation on WTF is physically happening etc) then She Births is worth a look into. 

Apparently 98% of women who do the class go on to describe their birth as ‘beautiful’. That’s a pretty impressive outcome, considering what birth ends up looking like for some of us. It’s also an awesome reminder that we can understand and enjoy our birth experience even if it doesn’t go to plan – or as She Births puts it ‘no matter what unfolds’. 

Let’s have a look at what you can expect from She Births.

Why would you choose a She Births class?

Take one look at the She Births website and you’ll see that there are HEAPS of resources on offer (birth classes, parent groups, pregnancy resources, doula services, a podcast). She Births is like an information hub and community for expectant mums, so your learning experience will go beyond the 12-hour course you do. For starters, you can access this Free Pregnancy Guide to get a taste of the course. Yay!

Mums who want to know everything might benefit from a She Births course. As would mums who feel sensitive about their birthing decisions. She Births is really open-minded and accepting of all choices – whether you want to have an elective caesarean, you’re aiming for no intervention at all, you’re thinking ‘epidural all the way’, or you have a non-traditional family setup. You won’t be judged or feel pressured – which is the last thing you need right now – all of which has been proven to reduce the need for intervention during birth.  According to research the class results in:

  • 65% reduction in epidural rates
  • 44% reduction in c-section
  • 53% reduction in resuscitation of babies
  • 32 minute reduction in the second stage of labour.

The online course is a great option for women who can’t make it to a She Births face-to-face class or want to take their time working through the content from home.

What does She Births cover?

We chatted to Jessica about what she took away from the 12-hour class.

Stages of labour

“It covered so much,” Jessica told us, adding that it gave her, “a lot of medical knowledge, like what is actually happening during each stage of labour.”

Learning about the labour process can really help you wrap your head around what’s happening with your body during birth “and what you can do to help it progress smoothly.”

Holistic pregnancy and birth approaches

Preparation for giving birth starts during pregnancy – not just mentally, but also physically. Jessica loved how She Births helped her put the pieces together:

“Diet, acupressure points, birthing positions, breathing techniques and ways to naturally induce labour – it’s just so informative. You feel like you really know what’s going on and what you’re in for.”

The class also includes yoga practices and visualisations, and even content on the early days of parenting and connecting with your bub – something that many other birthing classes don’t go into.

Inspiring birth stories

Another key way to prepare for giving birth is to start to visualise it. Hearing other women’s stories can kickstart the process for you and help you realise that you can do it.

“It makes you feel really prepared mentally,” Jessica said. “There are a lot of great birth stories that you can get inspired by.”

Birth preferences

Jessica also liked that She Births actively helps women make decisions and build a plan around their birth. This includes advice for choosing care providers, creating a birth plan, and making conscious decisions when at a crossroads (for example, when you’re like “MAKE IT STOP NOW!”).

Are there downsides to the She Births program?

 In terms of what’s covered, Jessica said, “I don’t think anything was missed. It was amazing and I rave about it to everyone.” So that’s pretty clear. 

We have to admit we can’t find a course quite as comprehensive. A She Births course will likely prepare you for everything from birth planning to birth positions to postpartum care and early parenting.

Possibly the only downside is the price. In-person classes start from $797, although the online course is more accessible, starting at $237 for basic content (ranging up to $697 for ALL the resources plus an online consult). 

 Face-to-face classes are also few and far between. As the course’s founder Nadine Richardson has built the She Births concept within her local community in Bondi, it’s not yet nationwide. There are a few weekend classes offered in NSW, VIC and QLD, but these book out fairly far in advance given the demand. (So get in quick!)

Are you a raving She Births fan? Share your story in the comments.

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