We asked mums how it felt meeting their baby for the first time

Get the tissues ready mamas-to-be. Between those pregnancy hormones currently doing laps around your body and some of the tear-jerking responses mums gave us when we asked how it felt when they met their babies, you don’t stand a chance of making it out of this article with dry eyes. 

Here’s what mamas had to say about meeting their babies for the first time after giving birth.

It felt unreal. This was in me? I made this? And then just pure happiness. – Paula

It was beautiful and incredible. The most amazing experience. No words can describe it and no experience can match it. – Tammy

I honestly don’t remember. I know I didn’t feel love straight away. There was so much going on with him being weighed and checked that it’s all a blur. – Kiera

Warm, wet, loud. Love at first sight. – Samantha

Relieved and overwhelmed with love. – Amelia

I felt accomplished. It was all so rushed after the emergency was called – once he was handed to me I felt like life just made sense. I finally knew what I was put on the earth to do – raise this beautiful little human that was half me and half the person I loved. – Nicky

After waiting hours and she was in special care, it was amazing. I sat and cried just staring at her. – Kelsey

Strange. It was 6 hours after birth and she had a mask on, I couldn’t feed or hold her. – Jess

It felt amazing and took a while to process that I went through so much to make it happen & I carried her for 9 months and finally she was here. 12 weeks on I still can’t believe it. – Liv

Life-changing. A total wave of how could you love something so much from one look and first meeting… it’s unexplainable. – Chelsea

It just felt right. Something I’d waited for for a long time. I felt whole. – Melanie

It was completely overwhelming and I felt really scared of the slimy monster that was plonked on to me. It wasn’t like anything I had imagined our first meeting would be. – Elisa

It was incredible and surreal. I could not believe that I had made this tiny human. Love at first sight! – Noelle

It was amazing! I fell in love after everyone left and it was just me and my baby boy. I still can’t believe he’s mine. – Jacintha

Surreal! I couldn’t believe how chubby she was, she had rolls! She looked and felt like a foreign creature. Her legs were all intertwined and her face squished but she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe it, I had no words and I just cried holding her and telling her I loved her. – Stephanie

Nothing. I was so exhausted. So many emotions were expected of me that I didn’t know what to feel and just confused. – Cassandra

I was in absolute awe of this little human. – Morgan

Surreal. I was in shock. I don’t think I could really even see her through the tears. – Hannah

I was so exhausted I barely remember it! He was put on my chest for a second before being whisked away as he had amniotic fluid on his lungs. – Emma

Overwhelming and surreal. It still took me a few days for it to sink in especially the first time. – Vicki

Magical. So many thoughts racing through your mind and nothing else that is happening really registers – what they look like, how perfect they are, oh I didn’t expect this or that. – Elise

Unexplainable joy. I felt like my heart was gonna explode from all the love I felt. – Kylie

Surreal to be holding this person that had been living inside me for so long. – Dani

Overwhelmed. I think my first words were ‘what the fuck was that?’ (about the labour). – Kasey

The opportunity to reflect and get excited about properly holding my baby while in the C section post-op recovery area was nice and calming after a whirlwind/surreal couple of days but also a bit lonely. Was very happy to see my husband when he came to visit before they took me up to our room. – Nikki

Amazing, you forget the pain. – Beth

It was surreal. I felt very out of it and in a bit of a daze so nothing really registered with me for a while. – Isabel

Amazing. Overwhelming. Joyful. Pure relief. Finally believing it was possible for everything to turn out okay. You are also a little out of it and two women were trying to remove my placenta. Next time I would choose a passive 3rd stage. – Caitlin

I cried! What a life changing moment. And that’s coming from a midwife who has seen the experience at least 100 times, the feeling when it happens to you is just insane. Nothing prepares you. – Rachael

Odd. I felt disconnected from him, as he was in a humidicrib and I didn’t actually have him in my room with me until the next day. It took ages to learn to breastfeed as well, which didn’t help. – Teresa

I cried, I was so in love and so happy to meet her, it was a relief after a long day. It was a mixture of all sorts of things. – Chantelle

Sheer love and joy, a little panicked as he was an odd colour and didn’t cry too much. Staff were drying him off and checking him, however I had a few minutes with him and I have the most beautiful memory of my first words to him – “I love you so much”. – Deanne

I cried from happiness and I knew he was already more important than my life. – Gemma

He was put on my chest. I didn’t want to see him or touch him, I just wanted and needed to have some time to myself to process what has happened and to recover from the intensity of the labour and what had happened. – Rhiannon

Like I had known her all along. – Elise

Incredible. I couldn’t believe I had my own baby! He was cuddling up on my chest and it was love at first sight. – Mia

So happy and relieved, I sobbed uncontrollably and just kept saying “Hi! You’re finally here! I’ve got you!”. – Marion

Exhausted and concerned. She wasn’t breathing (and I didn’t even know if she was a boy or a girl yet). I just remember being frightened I’d gone through everything (including 6 rounds of IVF) only to have a stillborn. I actually don’t remember how I felt when meeting her later in neo-natal. – Nikki

It was a moment of shock, and almost disbelief, that this little person had been in my body all that time, that I had grown him! Then pure love, pride and an overwhelming urge to hold him close and protect him – and then the realisation that my whole life had changed forever in the scariest, hardest, BEST way. – Jade

If you’re a mama-to-be reading this, we hope you go into birth feeling more excited than ever to meet the little love you’ve been carrying around in your womb. We also want you to know that whatever emotions you feel (there’s sure to be many), they are completely valid and so so normal. Birth is different for everyone and not every mama feels that deep love straight away, sometimes it takes time and getting to know your baby for that love to bloom. 

If you’ve already had your baby, let us know in the comments how you felt meeting your little one for the first time.

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