Labour & delivery


Perineal tears: What you need to know

Midwife Beth Ryan explains what causes tearing during birth, the different degrees of perineal tear and what you can do to help your poor lady bits heal. Read more.


Caesarean Birth: What you need to know

Whether you’re planning an elective c-section or wanting to know why an emergency cesarean might occur, midwife Beth Ryan explains everything you need to know.


Why does labour hurt so f*cking much?

There’s no avoiding the fact that ejecting a human from your body hurts – a lot. But as much birthing & labor pain sucks, it’s actually a good thing. Hear us out.


How do you know when you’re in labour?

Approaching or passed your due date and wondering when your baby will arrive? Midwife Aliza Carr explains seven signs of labour so you know when birth is about to go down.


Drug options for labour pain management

Concerned about labor pains? Midwife & personal trainer Bernadette Lack shares the inside scoop about pharmaceutical labor pain management options.