10 mamas we’re loving on Instagram right now

If you’re anything like us here at Mumli HQ, a wee scroll of Instagram while breastfeeding (amongst other fun activities) or while your little one is asleep can be the perfect antidote to a long day (there are MANY of those when you’re a mum).

There are so many mums we follow and adore but we know your time is precious, so we’ve rounded up 10 Aussie Insta-gals we’re loving right now and would recommend any mama follow. Each of these chicks keeps it real day in and day out, can make you laugh, provide ideas for playtime or dinnertime, or simply reassure you that you’re not the only one wrangling a terror of a child. Happy scrolling, girl!

Amy Gerard


Amy is a writer, and mum of three who will make you laugh until your tits fall off. While the laughs alone will be enough to woo you, you’ll fall deeply in love with her no-holds-barred approach to sharing EVERYTHING from her kids’ antics to her relationship with her hubby, to her dancefloor shenanigans (if there is a DF in the vicinity, she will find it). Seriously, nothing is off-limits. Keep an eye out for her #organic #vegan #glutenfree (read: unapologetically none of those things) Mars Bar slice recipe – it’s posted in her story highlights, and apparently, she’s famous for it amongst her friends. Yum! Amy, if you’re reading this, call us, we have a wine with your name on it.

Charli Adams


Charli is a motivational speaker and mum of three. Both Charli and her hubby, Cullen, live with a form of dwarfism, and her Insta documents the gorgeous life of their family. We adore her nothing-can-stop-me attitude, and for the newborn mamas, look out for Charli’s posts about those early weeks. She has a way of capturing this period that’s real, empathetic and heartwarming.

Gemma Pranita


Gemma is a photographer, podcaster (if you haven’t listened to We Don’t Have Time for This Yet, don’t walk, RUN! Go listen NOW!!) and mum of two. Following her feed feels like a beach holiday – she lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and documents her family’s beach adventures, park runs and cosy days at home with friends. For the fashion-lovers amongst you, check out the posts where Gemma tags the brands of her kids’ clothes. Girl’s got taste is all we can say…! 

Jessiika Wilson


Jessiika is a self-proclaimed “wifey + milf + funny girl” and founder of Bloom Store, which makes divine photo albums for your mama memories. Why do we think she’s the goods? Just go read the captions on her posts and you’ll understand why…as you’re struggling to see through tears of laughter. She’s f*cking hilarious, taking a lighter look at the lives we live as mums (she’s got two little ones). In particular, we love her content on keeping the spark alive with your S/O post-kids. This vid about the realities of having sex had us laughing so hard we peed a little, and these tips are…well, they’re going to be used tonight.   

Lauren Dubois


Lauren is a journalist, author and mama of three. If you think you peed yourself a little laughing while reading Jessiika’s posts, strap in…Lauren is just as hilarious. Her captions and way of writing about the “joys” and struggles of being a mum make us feel seen! If you’re having a scroll, stop and watch her videos. They’re particularly LOL-worthy, and honestly, would give some comedians a run for their money (e.g. this one about calling your bestie during witching hour!). 

Leigh Campbell


Leigh wears many hats – she’s an editor at Mamamia, a beauty expert, a podcaster (anyone else addicted to You Beauty?!), a “snackfluencer” and mum to her little one, Alexander a.k.a “the Bug”. We adore following her life, which is a mix of glam events and this-is-what-raising-a-toddler-actually-looks-like content. In terms of what we love on her feed? Two things – her snack recommendations and her beauty and skincare tidbits. You can thank us later! 

Sophie Pearce and Jayde Couldwell

@svpearce & @londonxboston

A bit of a two-fer here, as you can’t follow one of these gals without immediately wanting to follow the other. Sophie and Jayde are the ~ much loved!! ~ hosts of the Beyond the Bump podcast. Sophie is a mum of two; Jayde a mum of three. Each week on the podcast they get real about everything from making friends as a mum, mum guilt, losing your identity, you name it, and they do so with wit, compassion and kindness. And their feeds are no different! Make sure you watch out for any vids featuring their dance moves. When can we hit the DF with you girls?!

Shannon Kelly White


Oh, Shannon. If it isn’t her Insta bio that made us fall in love with her (it reads “Author / ex-nurse / mum / dickhead-fighter”!) then it was surely her delicious AF recipes and down-to-earth parenting books. Or all of the above! You can follow her Instagram for a taster of what she whips up in the kitchen and covers in her books, and then hit her blog for full recipes, musings and more. If you do give her a follow, hunt out any content or stories she posts about her time as a nurse. It sounds WILD, and damn, nurses are amazing. 

Laura Byrne


Some of you might know Laura as the 2017 Bachelor winner, but this legend is so much more.he’s the creative director at jewellery brand Toni May, a podcaster (her show, Life Uncut, is a must-listen!) and mama to two adorable little girls. We love her takes on reality TV, pop culture and life as a mum, as well as the escapades of her and her hubby to be, Matt. Speaking of, watch out for the videos she and Matt make together…or about each other…and the realities of living in a couple. Funny AF! 

Tell us – who are you loving on Instagram right now? We’d love to know!

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