10 tasty Halloween recipes

As far as we’re concerned Halloween is about two things: silly, adorable costumes to dress your tiny humans (and fur babies) in, and an abundance of delicious AF Halloween treats (aka normal treats dressed up in their own cute little costumes). 

We’ve collated some of the best Halloween treats recipes from around the web – from cookies that look like they’ll bite back, to healthier Halloween treats that are so cute your kids will actually want to eat them. Let’s dig in!

Cookie and frosting Dracula dentures

These are so fun and so eerie, making them perfect for jazzing up the snack table at any Halloween event.

Arrange mini marshmallows and red icing in between fresh-baked choc chip cookies to make these Dracula dentures.

Just be prepared to share the recipe because these are as tasty as are they are eye-catching.

Source: Delish

Pumpkin cheesecake truffle mummies

Mummies are a Halloween must – in both the decor and snack departments.

These truffles are no-bake, cute as hell, and showcase one of Fall’s hero ingredients: pumpkin.

Mix up the tasty cheesecake dough, chill, cover in melted white chocolate, and dab on some mummy eyes. Instant spook!

Source: Le Creme De La Crumb

Easy peasy (lemon squeezy) mummy cookies

We love that this recipe offers the ultimate mom-win shortcut – decorating store-bought cookies rather than making your own from scratch. All the power to you if you’ve got the time, mama, but for those that don’t, this recipe is for you.

Pick up a packet of Milano cookies, dip the cookies into melted white chocolate, and decorate with two little pearly black sprinkles for the mummy eyes. So quick, so easy!

Source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Adorable Halloween sushi bites

You’re probably wondering how a sushi bite can be adorable. Just look at these little things!

They’re made by squishing sushi rice into bite-sized balls and decorated with Halloween-themed, Japanese-inspired toppings.

Honestly, they’ll be a hit at any party (they’re so cute!). Plus, sushi rice balls are the perfect snack for little fingers to pick up and nibble.

Source: Chopsticks Chronicals

Witch finger pretzel sticks

These are a staple on the Instagram and Pinterest holiday-baking circuit, and we couldn’t not include them – it wouldn’t be a Halloween party without these creepy treats!

These are easy to make, require minimal ingredients, and look wonderfully kitsch on display at a Halloween party.

Pro tip: if you’ve got a kid who loves to help out in the kitchen, get their help dipping the pretzels in the melted chocolate or candy. It’s a great way to get them involved.

Source: Simply Sated

Cream cheese pumpkin ball

Cream cheese is a magical ingredient. Enjoy it as a dip, bake it into a cheesecake, or… shape it into a pumpkin and serve it as a badass centerpiece on a Halloween party snack table.

This clever recipe calls for cheddar cheese, onion, salsa, and cumin to be mixed into cream cheese, which is then shaped into a ball, rolled in crushed tortilla chips, and topped with a bell pepper stem (for the complete pumpkin look). How fun!

Serve with pretzels, crackers, or carrot or celery sticks for dippin’.

Source: Baking Beauty

Sweet and salty Halloween snack mix

The title of this recipe reads “Sweet & Salty Halloween Snack Mix – No Cook, Ready In 2 Mins”. Talk about speaking our language!

While Halloween treats are typically on the sweeter side, this snack mix offers a savory hit.

Simply combine Chex Mix, candy corn, M&Ms (or Reese’s Pieces – your choice), and peanuts in a cute festive bowl, and BOOM – you’ve got a crowd-pleaser on your hands.

Source: The Miniature Moose

Squiggly seeded pastry snakes

A savory option, these are a creative (and creepy!) spin on the standard pastry twist party fare.

Make pastry puffs as you might usually (i.e., puff pastry with parmesan cheese mixed in). However, rather than arranging into beautifully straight lines to bake, twist each pastry strip several times to form a snake shape. Scatter over seeds of your choice (nigella, sesame, poppy – whatever takes your fancy), and serve.

They’ll be a fave amongst kids and adults alike.

Source: BBC Good Food

Monster bell pepper salad cups

After all the sugary-sweet treats that are so typical of Halloween, these salad cups are a welcome and healthy AF reprieve.

Hollow out red and green bell peppers, fill with salad mix, and create a tongue and eyes on the outside using sliced cucumbers and olives, respectively.

This recipe is such a novel way to get more veg on your family’s plates that you may even enjoy it year-round. Why not!

Source: Forks and Beans

The yummiest Halloween mocktail punch

You’ve been chowing down on party snacks galore, mama (hey, it’s Halloween after all). So you probably need a drink!

Although this punch is alcohol-free, it does not lack any flavor or spooky fun. Because in amongst the usual punch suspects – fruit, juice, and sparkling water – you’ll find eyeballs (lychees with cherries pushed into their center) and ice-cube hands (made by freezing water in disposable gloves).

If it’s a ‘big kids only’ (read: adults) party, add a splash of vodka to spice this drink up. Cheers!

Source: BBC Good Foods

Now excuse us, we’re off to make some cute AF sushi balls. Happy snacking!

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