36 nursery designs we love

Preparing your baby’s room is possibly one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Not only do you get to ogle cute AF tiny baby items to your heart’s content, but setting up their little area is almost a way of saying ‘Hey baby, we love you and we’re ready for you’ (cue the emotions). 

But where to begin? Baby prep can be overwhelming at the best of times. It’s hard to know what you need for your baby’s space (especially if this is your first), let alone what to do with it all. Factors like budget, space, and style preferences will likely influence how you set up your child’s room. Will you follow tradition, or embrace gender neutrality? Also, will they be sharing a room? Using hand-me-downs? Are you renting? It’s OK. Breathe. The good news is that there’s plenty of inspiration to help you on your way, whatever your situation. We’ve scoured the many gazillions of nursery designs from mamas across the ‘Gram, whittling them down to these 36 gems. Let’s go!

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Girl / Boy / Gender neutral / Twins / In your bedroom / Small space / In a rental / Budget friendly / Shared room / Bold color / Neutrals / Boho vibes

If you’re having a girl

A little girl’s room needn’t look like a pink-filled candy shop. These spaces play with pops of color, delicate prints, and plush furnishings. 

If you’re having a boy

Girl moms shouldn’t have all the fun, we say! Little boy nurseries can be just as beautiful. You could try preppy, Nantucket-inspired styling, calming muted blues, and even add a few plants for a pop of greenery. 

If you’re all about gender neutrality 

You may not know if you’re having a boy or a girl. You may not love pink and blue. Or, you may be tearing up tradition, and paving the way for equality. Whatever the case, warm, sunny colors, neutral tones, and natural textures can be used to create a space that’s stunning for either gender. 

If you’re having twins

Double the kid, double the decorating fun, we say. Simple furnishings paired with custom wall hangings, fun prints, and splashes of color can help maximize space. 

If you’re setting up shop in your bedroom

Pared-back furniture and use of decor that matches the overall room design can help create a space that’s beautiful for mom, dad, and baby. 

If you’re tight on space 

You can set up a nursery anywhere…even in a shared laundry area or closet space. Compact furniture and clever storage are key. 

If you’re in a rental

Getting creative with mirrors and wall hangings, striking decals or temporary wallpaper, and statement rugs can transform any space without permanent changes.

If you’re on a budget

Having a baby can be damn expensive, so it’s understandable if you’re on a budget. Shopping second-hand, refurbishing pre-loved furniture, and getting crafty with decor can help you create a gorgeous space for your baby on a dime.

If they’re sharing with a sibling

Using matching patterns and complementary colors across your little kid and big kid furnishings can give a shared space a stylish and pulled-together look. 

If you love bold color

If there’s ever a spot in your home to play with color – whether bright and bold or dark and moody – it’s a kid’s room. Why not get creative with wallpaper and paint? 

If you’re more into neutrals

You can keep your nursery tones soft and neutral, while still including all the necessities as well as a few playful decor touches. 

If you’re a boho babe

If relaxed, bohemian vibes are your thing, stylish furnishings and wall dressings accompanied by earthy tones are a beautiful go-to.   

We hope this leaves you inspired and, most importantly, excited for your little one’s arrival, mama. But before we go, a reminder: however you decorate your baby’s space, we know the main ingredient will be love. Your baby won’t know the difference between an Hermès blanket and a dollar store knockoff (though all the power to you if you’ve got the budget for the real deal, girl). 

Once you have your nursery set up, tag us (@mumliapp) in a picture! We’d love to see how you go.

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