5 side hustles to make extra cash as a SAHM

Us moms are creative, resourceful types aren’t we? Oh come on, let’s not be bashful. If you’ve ever had to prepare dinner while keeping a toddler entertained, you know what I mean. You just find a way to get it done. (Cereal for dinner, anyone?)

So when money is tight, or mom life starts to feel a tad mundane, moms know how to rise to the occasion. We often find ways to get stuck into a new project to make extra cash, fill the time, and keep ourselves sane. 

Looking for ideas? Check out these side hustles that can help you make bank while being a SAHM (stay at home mom). 

1. Selling secondhand goods

You may already be doing a bit of this – throwing up old clothes or unneeded baby accessories on Facebook Marketplace to get them out of the way. But a lot of thrifty moms find ways to make this side hustle really work for them. 

You could create an eBay page to sell vintage clothes you find in op shops (or in your nana’s wardrobe). Or, you could restore old furniture and list it on Marketplace or Craigslist for a profit. It’s amazing what good stuff people leave by the side of the road!

2. Freelancing 

Have skills? Whether your forté is admin, copywriting, bookkeeping, photography, website development, or graphic design – someone probably needs your talent. And many will pay good money for it, too.

If you’re not sure where to start, you could do a course about how to become a virtual assistant (VA), and list your services in online directories like Fiverr or Upwork to get your first few projects. Or if you don’t know what to do, give different things a try to see what you enjoy. It could even be as simple as transcribing audio for a company like Rev in your downtime to make a few fast bucks. 

Ah, but can this sort of work be done with kids at home? The great thing about being a freelancer or VA is that you can set your own hours, work as much or as little as you like, and charge what you want. So even if you start with an hour or two or work each week during naps, you can scale up your work further down the track. When your kids are in school, for example. 

3. Making and selling things

If you’re a crafty kind of mom, you could put those skills to good use for cash! SAHMs can be found sewing clothes, baking cakes, making jewelry, and doing loads of other clever activities to make money online or at markets. If you’re truly dedicated, you could set up an Etsy store to sell your wares. That way you can list items, receive payments and manage your orders easily.

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4. Doing online surveys or user testing

Perhaps you’re able to find a few minutes during nap times, in the evenings, or in the rare moments your children are playing quietly by themselves (it’s not unheard of). You can make some quick money by completing online surveys, reviews, and tasks. 

Check out Swagbucks, i-Say or OpinionWorld for paid survey opportunities. Or you could even put your online shopping – I mean, “important research” – skills to the test by committing to paid online user testing. Companies often need everyday people to interact with their apps or websites while they’re being developed. You’ll click around and offer your feedback… and you’ll get PAID to do so! Take a look at Enroll or Loop11.

5. Paid partnerships or referrals

If you’re immensely proud of your Instagram feed and have rustled up a bit of a following, you could be eligible to do paid partnerships with brands. Online influencer platforms like TRIBE or Vamp can connect you to brands that need real life people (you know… actual moms with actual bed hair) to promote their products. Some of the brands and products may be ones you already use and love – so it might be much easier and more natural than you think it will be!

If social media isn’t your style, plenty of brands offer referral programs that might just help you save money too. For example, HelloFresh has some pretty epic deals on meal boxes if you refer friends. You could wind up with regular cheap/free deliveries if you get your friends on board. Genius!

Have you found any creative ways to make spare cash as a SAHM? We’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below. (Just don’t @ us with your MLM pitches please!)

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