7 of the best books for starting solids

“What the f*ck do I feed my baby?” 

“Do I just give them, like, food on a spoon??”

“What if… what if they don’t like the food I make them???”

Starting your babe on solids is an exciting milestone, but damn, it can feel like an enormous task (especially if you’re doing this sh*t for the first time). From working out what should be on your little one’s plate to how to prepare the perfect puree and troubleshooting picky eating, there’s a lot to navigate. 

So, to get you started, here are seven of the best books for starting solids. We’ve got complete guides, nutrition-focused overviews, and books that are brimming with recipes to appeal to all tastes and even the whole family.

If you want a complete guide

Milk to Meals is the work of Luka McCabe, a nurse, midwife, and nutrition coach, and Carly Mendes, a nutritionist and childbirth educator. (They’re both moms, too!) Designed as a guide to help parents work out how the f*ck to start their little one on solids, it features:

  • An evidence-based and non-judgemental overview of the different feeding methods, how to introduce allergens, and more.
  • Delicious original recipes that are as tasty as they are nourishing for your babe.

We also just love its goddamn beautiful design! 

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Source: Milk to Meals

If you’re going ham on baby-led weaning

If you’re heading down the baby-led weaning path, Annabel Karmel’s Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book is a must. Direct from the unofficial queen of baby food and feeding, it offers:

  • Advice on how the f*ck to do baby-led weaning.
  • 120 (yep, you read that right) recipes for, as the book says, “letting your baby take the lead”.

Let the starting solids fun begin, we say!

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Source: Barnes & Noble

If you’re a practical mama

If practical is your middle name, this is the book on starting solids for you. 

The Pediatrician’s Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers provides easy-to-digest (pun intended) yet comprehensive information on the nutrition issues, medical conditions, and parenting concerns that can come with starting solids – all from a team of pediatric medical and nutrition experts. 

On top of this, it offers recipes, parenting stories, and recommendations based on the latest pediatric guidelines to help you confidently introduce food to your babe. Winner winner (pureed) chicken dinner!

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Source: Barnes & Noble

If nutrition is your focus

With so much importance placed on what you feed your baby, Super Nutrition for Babies is indispensable when starting solids. 

It offers science-backed nutritional recommendations for feeding your little one, along with advice on how to start solids and details on aspects like when to introduce meat, alternatives for dairy and soy (if you like), and how to establish an eating schedule for your little one. 

Long story short: this book takes a lot of the guesswork out of introducing your babe to solids. 

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Source: Barnes & Noble

If you’re cooking for the whole fam’

Not only do we adore the name of this book – Young Gums: Baby Food With Attitude – but we love that its recipes are so damn good you’d eat them yourself. Must-tries include Rainbow Ragu, Sweet Potato Cookies, Baby Burrito Bowls, and No-roast Chicken Pot Roast. 

The recipes are also a mix of baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding-focused, and the majority can be made in just one pan. We’re sold! 

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Source: Barnes & Noble

If you love Italian food

The Silver Spoon: Recipes for Babies book is a take on the classic Italian cookbook, The Silver Spoon. It’s designed specifically for babies and toddlers and is a guide to feeding your little one, well, the Italian way. Yep, we’re talking everything from recipes for nutritious purees to your little one’s first carbonara, couscous, and pizza. 

It’ll make the often tricky choice of what to feed your baby well, “molto divertente” – that’s Italian for “very fun”. 

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Source: Barnes & Noble

If you’re a Francophile

What do we love about Bébé Gourmet: 100 French-Inspired Baby Food Recipes For Raising an Adventurous Eater? Well:

  • It’s French-inspired (need we say more?) but designed specifically for bébés.
  • It’s focused on helping your babe try new flavors, textures, and ingredients from the get-go. 
  • Its recipes, including Carrot and Cumin Puree and Baby Beef Bourguignon (so cute), are helpfully organized into ages and developmental stages. 
  • It also includes helpful cooking and organizational tips.

It’s a “oui” in our books! 

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Source: Barnes & Noble

These are, of course, just a handful of the books available to help inform you and your baby’s starting solids adventure (and an adventure it is!). If you’ve found a starting solids book you love, why not share it via Mumli? And for more advice, check out our articles on when to know if your little one is ready to start solids and the different approaches for doing so.

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