12 ideas for an at-home date night

Remember those days of dating your partner? You’d go out to a gallery opening, luxuriate over dinner at a restaurant, wander the streets of your city talking for hours. And then you’d head home for a little ‘something-something’. Bliss. 

Fast-track to L.A.K. (life after kids), and we wouldn’t be surprised if you can count on one hand the number of dates you’ve had with your partner in the past year. You probably want to spend more time alone together. But whether it’s the pandemic, a tight budget, general exhaustion from #momlife, or the sh*tty logistics of getting a sitter, a night out can seem either too hard or just downright impossible. 

Well, who says you have to go out? Here are 12 ideas for an at-home date night that are simple, perfect for any budget, and don’t involve watching TV (because you probably do enough of that already). 

For when you can’t be f*cked cooking

Order a Michelin-star dinner straight to your door. One of the surprising benefits of the pandemic is that high-profile restaurants are offering take away. Chicago’s Alinea, LA’s Vespertine, NYC’s Marea, and even San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn are just some of the joints offering meals to-go (and for a fraction of their restaurant prices). Set the table, unpackage the food, and hit play on a jazzy playlist to help turn a take-out night into a date night. 

Or for when you can be f*cked cooking

Try a cooking challenge at home. Pick out ingredients or a recipe for each other, whip up a meal, then do a taste test. Set a prize for the winner (perhaps a back massage?). 

For when you don’t know what to talk about

If you’ve discussed nothing but the kids in the past month, you’re not alone, so when it comes to date night, thinking of what to say to each other can be daunting. The solution? Order some conversation cards. They pose questions you’d never think to ask and are a great way to get the chat flowing. 

Or for when you don’t want to talk at all

Sexy time can be limited when you’re a parent. So if date night in your house is simply bangin’ night, try adding a toy to the mix for something different. We love these from Dame, which are designed by women, for women. 

For when you’re tired AF

Stargaze with a wine in hand. It is practically free and requires laying or sitting down for its duration. Perfect, we say. For added fun, download an app to see which planets and stars are where – and try finding your horoscope in the sky. 

Or for when you’ve got a bit of energy to burn

Learn the dance moves to a boy band song. You could go classic like Backstreet Boys or try a BTS song for a challenge. Pre-game with tequila shots to loosen up those dance moves, and bonus points if you dress up. Film it, and play it back the next day for a laugh. 

For when you wish you could go somewhere that isn’t home

Camp out in your backyard for a change of scenery. Be sure to prepare s’mores. Or if you don’t have a backyard, ‘camp out’ in a different room in your house. Mix it up! 

Or for when you’re right where you want to be

Make a fort out of sofa cushions. Climb on in with snacks. Relish each other’s company. Or dismantle said fort for a pillow fight.

For when you’re feeling creative

Have all those kids’ arts and crafts got you feeling you could take on Picasso at his own game? Then, why not do a life drawing session of each other. (Try it in the nude for a little spice…)

Or for when you’re after a bit of culture

Take a virtual gallery tour. Another bonus of the pandemic is the number of virtual experiences available to explore from around the world. Browse London’s Natural History Museum, explore the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain, or pop into the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. You’ll be oozing enlightenment at the end of it, and all for free.

For when you want to embrace your inner child

Who says your kids should have all the fun? Play hide and seek. Or the floor is lava. Do it; we bet you have a giggle. 

Or for when you want to feel like a teenager in love

Write each other love letters. With pens and paper. Then read them out loud. Who says romance is dead? 

Let us know in the comments if you give one of these ideas a try for your next date night! Just keep it PG, yeah?

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