11 babyproofing essentials that won’t ruin your home’s aesthetic

Babies are naturally curious, which is a great thing. Except when you realize how many potential hazards there are for them to ‘discover’ around the home – everything from stairs to power outlets, knives, cleaning items, heavy furniture, and more. 

Suddenly, it feels like there are dangers everywhere, in every room. That’s where babyproofing comes in. It can seem overwhelming, but take a deep breath and tackle it bit by bit. Your little one isn’t likely to go from sitting to crawling in one day. Get down on your hands and knees (i.e. your baby’s eye level) to see what they might get into first, and start there. 

Clearly, babyproofing is a must. But the idea of filling your home with clunky locks and gates? Not cute. That’s why we’ve scoured the World Wide Web for essential babyproofing items that won’t ruin your home’s aesthetic (and don’t skimp on safety either). Here’s our list of top picks.

Drawer and cupboard locks 

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks and Safety 1st OutSmart Multi Use Locks

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

Whether there are risky items in those drawers or cupboards, or you’re worried about little fingers becoming trapped, Jambini’s magnetic locks will help. They attach inside the drawer or cupboard and unlock with a magnet. 

If you can’t affix a lock on the inside of your cabinetry for some reason, Safety 1st’s mechanisms sit on the outside and open with the simple press of two buttons. (They work to secure the openings of microwaves, fridges, and toilets, too).

Corner guards

Skyla Homes Corner Protectors

Image source: Amazon

You’ll look at your furniture in a whole new way once your baby starts pulling themselves up. That’s when you need to start protecting them from all those sharp corners, starting with the coffee table and entertainment unit, eventually moving upwards to include kitchen counters, shelves, and so on. Corner guards are the best way to prevent injury when tumbles and bumps happen. We love Skyla Homes’ clear plastic ones that you’ll hardly notice.


Electrical outlet covers

Bink Dots and Eudemon Electrical Outlet Cover Box

Image source: Bink

Image source: Amazon

For some reason, babies love to play with electrical outlets and cables. (Seriously, you’ve bought them so many exciting toys, and they want to play with these?!) For the outlets you’re not using, Bink’s plugs cover those tempting holes while looking stylish (they come in plain white and adorable pastel colors). Meanwhile, for those you are using, Eudemon’s transparent boxes sit over the entire socket. If your little explorer manages to gain access despite that, they may have a future in safe cracking. 

Window protection

Guardian Angel Child Safety Window Guard and Bink Up & Away Magnetic Blind Cord Safety

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Bink

Babies can fall out of windows, even if they have screens. (What the actual F, right?) Fitting a guard over the window opening can help avoid this, and Guardian Angel’s offering is relatively inoffensive. 

Also, if you have blinds with cords, you’ll want to secure these as they can be a strangling risk. Bink’s magnetic device has a sleek look and feel. 

Furniture and appliance anchors

QDOS Zero-Screw Furniture Anti-Tip Kit and QuakeHOLD Universal Flat Screen TV Safety Straps

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

When learning to stand, babies will pull themselves up on anything they can reach for stability. This might include your furniture or your TV if it’s sitting on an entertainment unit. The problem? They can pull these items down on themselves. Ouch! QDOS’s anti-tip kit helps secure furniture to the wall without any tools needed. And QuakeHOLD’s straps will affix your TV to your entertainment unit – they’re designed to withstand earthquakes, so they are perfect in the face of an energetic child. 

Safety gates

SkipHop Playview Retractable Mesh Gate and QDOS Extending SafeGate 

Image source: SkipHop

Image source: QDOS

Perhaps the most iconic babyproofing item, safety gates prevent your baby from going where you don’t want them to go. SkipHop’s retractable mesh gate is excellent for use across doorways and hides away when not in use (love that). 

As for staircases, QDOS’s metal gate meets guidelines for use at the top and bottom and is ultra-minimalist in design. 

So, time to get babyproofing, mama. Happy shopping – and installing, though perhaps delegate that sh*t because you’re doing so much already. And if ticking off babyproofing isn’t enough to make you feel like you’re on top of your business, read on for 30 quick mom wins.

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