8 of the best baby carriers in 2021

IOHO (that’s in our honest opinion, girl), baby carriers are perhaps one of the best modern inventions. Sure, we’ve got cell phones, Netflix, and cars that will drive themselves. But a product that will snuggle your baby, leaving your hands free to drink coffee, eat lunch, or do whatever the f*ck you like? Now that’s priceless. Here’s our pick of the 8 best baby carriers on the market.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One

Baby Bjorn knows what’s up (there’s a reason it’s one of the O.G. baby brands). Its Baby Carrier One can be used from birth (it features inbuilt support specifically for newborns) until your babe is three years old, is classified as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, can be worn in four different positions (newborn, facing in, facing out, and on your back), is made of the softest cotton fabric, and comes in a curated selection of colors (including a fabulous leopard print that we’re #obsessed with). 

For mom and dad, it features a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps to make babywearing more comfy and possible for longer. Love! 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Baby Bjorn

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh

Ok, read the best-of lists, and Ergobaby’s Omni 360 is consistently top-rated. Why? It’s fully adjustable to use from birth to three years, can be used in multiple positions (facing in, facing out, on your hip, and on your back), is ergonomic, features a UPF50+ sun hood, and comes complete with a little pouch for storing your phone, lip balm, and snacks, mama. It also boasts lumbar support for extra comfort for mom and dad. 

Pro tip: for those that live in a hot climate, look for the ‘Cool Air Mesh’ version. We’ve linked it here, and it’s nice and breathable – welcome relief because baby carrying can be a sweaty affair.  

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.) 

Source: Ergobaby

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

Yes, there are designer baby carriers. Yes, they cost more than usual. But yes, they look chic as sh*t. 

Artipoppe’s Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is the celeb carrier of choice (literally, Gigi Hadid and Princess Eugenie own one). It boasts so many features – it can be used from birth to two years, can be worn on your front and your back (though your little one is always facing inward to you), is ergonomic, and designed to distribute weight evenly across its wearer’s back, and is made from the lushest linen-cotton blend fabric. But the best bit? It comes in the most divine colors and patterns, ones that no other brand appears to be producing. (So if you’re all about aesthetics, this is definitely the carrier for you, mama.)

Buy it here

Source: Artipoppe

Boppy ComfyFit Hybrid Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is cool (you know you’ve hit peak motherhood when you think a baby carrier is cool). Why, you ask? Well, it’s half baby carrier, half baby wrap. It has a structured seat section that secures around your lower back with a clip (similar to what you’d find in a standard baby carrier), but the top half of the carrier secures to your upper back with soft, wrappable straps. It’s safe to use from newborn to about two and a half to three years of age, can be used with your babe facing in or out, is made from stretchy UPF50+ fabric, packs down into a diaper-bag-sized pouch, and can easily be thrown into the washing machine. Wow. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Boppy

Lillebaby Complete All-Seasons Baby Carrier

If you live in a hot climate (hey there, Aussie mamas!), you’ll want to know about this carrier. Lillebaby’s Complete All-Seasons carrier is, as the name suggests, perfect for wearing year-round (even on the hottest of days) – it’s got a ‘temperature control panel’ on its front that you zip down in hot weather for extra ventilation. So handy. 

We also love that you can use it from newborn to three years, that it has no fewer than six carrying positions (including facing in, facing out, hip carry, and back carry), and is ergonomic for your little one as well as for mom and dad. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Lillebaby

Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

What do we love the most about Tula’s Free-To-Grow baby carrier? The patterns it comes in! Think everything from bold patterns to bright colors and everything in between. 

It’s also just a damn good baby carrier. Suitable for newborns to kids aged three years, it’s ergonomic, made from breathable cotton, is fully adjustable, and can be worn with your little one facing in, facing out, or as a backpack. 

We think the Sunset Stripes version – linked here – is particularly eye-catching. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Baby Tula

Minimonkey Twin Carrier

Twin moms can’t easily use baby carriers, right? Think again, girl. 

Netherlands-based brand Minimonkey has created an AMAZING baby carrier that’s designed specifically to easily carry not one but two little babies. How cute! 

It can be used from newborn to about one year, features wide straps to make carrying comfy for mom and dad, seats the little ones in an ergonomic and supportive position, and is safe and simple to use. Plus, it comes in a mesh fabric that’s lovely and breathable – great news for those in a hot climate – and it’s certified as a hip-healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. So good!

Buy it here.

Source: Minimonkey

Chekoh Clip Carrier

Made by the champions at Chekoh (who are usually known for their wrap carriers), this newly-launched carrier is made from a luxe bamboo linen blend fabric, comes in no fewer than seven beautiful colors, is easy, lightweight, and stylish, features a padded waist and shoulders for comfort when wearing it, and includes a neat little waistband clip pouch (that’s the size of the latest iPhone – how thoughtful). Plus, it’s machine washable and even comes with its own washing back to keep it in the best shape. It’s suitable for use from 5kgs (11lbs) to 15kgs (33lbs or about two years). 

Buy it here

Source: Chekoh

Happy baby carrying, mama. We hope you love your baby carrier as much as we love ours here at Mumli. They’re such a sanity-saver.

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Editor’s note: all products, colors, and styles mentioned in this article are available as of December 2021.

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