9 baby swaddles we love

Ok mama, let’s chat baby swaddles. You probably know you need ‘em (yeah, they can help your babe stay calm and sleep better). But damn, start the swaddle-shopping process and it’s easy to become confused as hell – there are so many types, price points, fabrics… you name it. 

Now, you know we’re in the business of helping other moms here at Mumli. So, we’ve curated a list of nine baby swaddles we love, with something for all budgets, climates, preferences, and even styles. Let’s dive in.

Best (and most beautiful) OG swaddle wrap

Hit the mommy blogs, and you’ll quickly see that Aden+Anais’ swaddle wraps are a hot favorite. They’re a lovely soft cotton muslin fabric and come in the most gorgeous patterns and colors (meaning, if you want, you could accessorize your baby’s swaddle to your outfit). 

Oh, and while you can buy them singularly, they’re also available in multi-packs for convenience (because factor in things like poop explosions and vomits, and you’re going to want to have quite a few swaddles on hand, mama). 

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Source: Aden+Anais

Best arms up swaddle sack

The art of swaddling usually sees your babe with their arms positioned sort of crossed over their body. Some babies like this; others don’t and prefer their arms up.

If your baby falls into the latter camp, Love to Dream’s “Swaddle Up” sack allows your kiddo to sleep with their arms up, all while keeping their little sticky paws contained. 

On top of this, we love how easy this swaddle sack is to use – simply pop your babe’s arms and legs into the sack, zip it up, and boom, they’re swaddled. The zip is two-way for the ultimate diaper-changing convenience, and its design allows your babe’s hips and legs to lay in a healthy position. 

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Source: Love to Dream

Best ready-made swaddle sack

Swaddling seems easy on paper: a few swift moves, and you’ve got a little burrito. But you might find it hard to get the hang of (totally ok), or your baby might be a little Houdini that’s able to escape even the tightest of swaddles. Stressful!

But, don’t fret, mama – check out Halo’s SleepSack swaddle. You pop your babe inside the sack, zip ’em up, and then secure their little arms with a velcro wrap-around system. So easy. 

Halo’s SleepSack swaddle also features:

  • Adjustable sizing to grow with your babe.
  • An inverted zipper for easy diaper changes.
  • Premmie baby sizing options (LOVE).

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Source: Halo

Best swaddle for a hot climate

It’s hard enough to work out what the f*ck babies wear, let alone how to dress them for super-hot temperatures, all while avoiding overheating.

If you’re a hot-climate mama, MiracleBaby’s Swaddle Blanket is a must. It’s made from a cotton knit fabric, meaning it’s super breathable but still cozy enough to give your babe a little warmth should they need it. 

Oh, we should also mention that it’s freaking simple to use. Just tuck your babe’s legs and arms into a series of little pocket-looking things before wrapping the Swaddle Blanket’s long sides around your little one’s body and tucking it all into place. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

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Source: Sleepytot

Best swaddle for a cold climate

If you live somewhere where it gets uber chilly, the idea of popping your little one to bed without, say, a big cozy blanket over them can feel bizarre. (Safe sleep guidelines recommend your baby’s crib is bare – so no blankets, soft toys, or pillows – to reduce the risk of SIDS.)

Luckily, Halo makes an extra-plush version of their SleepSack swaddle, which comes in a fabric that’s thick enough to keep your babe comfortable in temperatures as low as 61-64 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s about 16-17 degrees Celcius). This version still offers the features we love too, like an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes and adjustable sizing.

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Source: Halo

Best transition swaddle

Once your kiddo starts showing signs of rolling, it’s bye-bye to swaddling (when they can roll, they need their little arms free to help them roll over again and ensure they have enough room around their face to breathe if they do flip onto their belly).

But, if your babe has been swaddled from day one, it might feel strange suddenly letting those little arms loose. Which is where Ergopouch’s Swaddle Bag comes in: it’s got armholes that fasten shut with a series of snaps (to make it a swaddle sack for when your babe is super young), but that can be opened up (to make it a sleep sack for when your babe is getting ready to roll). It also means you can transition your little one into their ‘big kid’ sack one arm at a time, too. 

And, like many of its swaddle sack counterparts, Ergopouch’s offering features a two-way zipper for easy diaper changes, and is goddamn simple to use. 

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Source: Ergopouch

Best ‘budget friendly’ swaddle 

If you’re on a budget (like many of us), check out SwaddleMe’s Original Swaddle – it comes in a two-pack (yay for convenience) for less than $20 USD (that’s about $26 AUD). Alrighty, then.

Price aside, it’s also just a damn good product:

  • It’s easy to use (you just position the swaddle’s adjustable wings around your little one and press on the hook-and-loop closures to secure).
  • It’s cozy but allows plenty of room for your little one’s hips and legs to move.
  • It’s made from 100% cotton.
  • It features a two-stage option to take your babe from arms-in to arms-out sleeping.

So much to love! 

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Source: Walmart

Most stylish yet practical swaddle

If you’re a style-driven mama, you’ll love these beautiful boho, vintage-inspired swaddle wraps from Australian brand, Banabae. 

They come in the dreamiest of colors and designs, but are nice and big (trust us, this is a must if you’re using a swaddle wrap) and are a grippy cotton fabric (another must, as this can help keep the swaddle in place – the slipperier the fabric, the easier it is for that swaddle to come undone). 

Happy shopping, mama. 

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Source: Banabae

Most luxurious AF swaddle

Sometimes, we all like a little boujee treat ‘yo self type of product. So introducing Atelier Choux’s goddamn beautiful AF swaddles (yes, they’re as fancy as they sound). 

Featuring whimsical designs inspired by the Hotel Particulier and Haussmannian buildings in Paris, they’re lovely and thick and can be used as a swaddle wrap, but also as a mat for tummy time, or even as decor – they’re pretty enough to frame and hang on your babe’s nursery wall. So cute. 

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Source: Atelier Choux

Well, time to get a-swaddlin’, mama. Know that every baby is different, and your little one might prefer one type of swaddle over another (and that it might take a little test n’ learn to work out what suits best). Luckily, there are options out there (and you can save all these swaddles to your own collection via on Mumli)! 

For more ideas on must-buys for your little one, read our list of 11 nursery essentials. And for an overview of swaddling, read our guide on how to swaddle a baby

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