Four of the best period tracker apps

Is it just us, or is there a point in every conversation with your mom pals where you inevitably start talking about periods? The ole monthly cycle just affects so many areas of life, like your:

  • Mood/hormones/likelihood to be sobbing over the Nike ad. (All the feels!)
  • Productivity/ability to give a f*ck.
  • Comfort levels (think: sore boobs, headaches).
  • Libido/chances of gettin’ some.

If you like to stay on top of your moods, energy levels, and physical symptoms, then you’re in luck!

In this article we’re going to look at a few of the best apps out there for tracking your period. (Note: If you’re looking for the best apps specifically to plan for pregnancy, check out our top 4 apps for trying to conceive.)

1. myFlo

We LOVE that the myFlo app not only helps you understand the stages of your cycle, but also how to manage/cure your PMS symptoms. Life-changing!

Why it’s great for period tracking:

  • It prescribes nutrition and exercise – Get advice on foods to eat and exercises to do to relieve your menstruation symptoms. How cool?!
  • It gives you a heads-up on energy levels – Learn what activities are appropriate for your brain chemistry at certain points in your cycle (i.e. don’t schedule that important presentation during the phase you’re likely to be at your crankiest).
  • It can get your partner onboard – Weird? Maybe. But you have the option to connect a partner to your account. This could be useful for letting them know when you’re ovulating (and horny), or when to leave you alone with a block of chocolate.

What it’s missing:

  • Reliability – Reviewers report a lot of glitches. And that the period predictions aren’t great, which is awkward for a period tracking app, but ya never really know with reviews, right?
  • Inclusivity – Partners are assumed to be male. And it’s the 21st Century y’all!

2. Clue

If you’re interested in understanding how your cycle uniquely impacts your body and mind throughout the month, Clue is the bomb. 

Why it’s great for period tracking:

  • It’s user-friendly – Expect a nice, clean interface, without annoying gender stereotypes (i.e. “no girly colors, the app treats us like the women we are”, one reviewer says).
  • It builds a picture of YOU – You can log all your symptoms (mental and physical) and start to see how your cycle affects you.
  • It includes alerts – You can set alarms to remind you to take your birth control, when you’re ovulating, or when your period is expected to start.

What it’s missing:

  • Deeper details – For example, your level of bleeding or specific emotions.
  • Support for health conditions – Like the ability to track symptoms relevant to endometriosis.

3. Eve by Glow

The Eve by Glow app is specifically designed for tracking periods, with a healthy focus on your sex life. (Ooh la la!)

Why it’s great for period tracking:

  • It’s cute – Bleeding from the vag isn’t often cute, but the app uses nice, friendly language to cheer you up, and you can select from fun icons when tracking your symptoms.
  • It connects you to a community – Chat to other women for tips and advice.
  • It’s focused on menstruation – Some period tracking apps assume you’re trying to get pregnant, but some of us aren’t there right now. Eve is solely focused on tracking your sex life and cycles. 

What it’s missing:

  • Reliable tracking for irregular cycles – One reviewer says, “As an irregular woman, it hits the mark about 40% of the time (which is to be expected)”.
  • In-depth symptom tracker – Some reviewers feel that the symptoms you can select are a bit vague, and we appreciated one point around “no woman lives on 4 emotions alone”. More like 4 emotions an hour!

4. Flo

The Flo app is much loved for its lovely community vibe and its ability to track periods, monitor fertility, and help you follow your pregnancy. 

Why it’s great for period tracking:

  • It makes daily logging easy – Just answer a few multiple choice-style questions each day. The more you log, the more accurate your cycle predictions will be.
  • It offers lots of support – Chat anonymously to other women about potential early pregnancy symptoms, or tune in to videos from experts.
  • It keeps you accountable – You can schedule reminders to take birth control, or to give you a heads-up when your period is due.

What it’s missing:

  • Chill factor – While there’s a very suitable free version, the app is pretty relentless at trying to get you to upgrade.
  • A gender neutral approach – Some reviewers are people who menstruate but don’t identify as female, and they’re disappointed in Flo’s heteronormative language. (Refer to our earlier point around 21st Century.)

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