15 best Christmas gift ideas for toddlers

Do you know what’s fun? Gift shopping for toddlers. “What the f*ck”, we hear you sputter. 

We’ll explain: once they hit toddlerhood, your little one is more active, can grasp a greater range of concepts and ideas (including what a present is – cute), and engages more with toys. All while letting their personality run wild. It’s a whole vibe and makes choosing and giving gifts to them fun (and a great distraction tactic for rainy days or when you need five minutes of peace and quiet).   

So with gifting season (a.k.a. Christmas) upon us, here are 15 must-buy gifts for toddlers.

The active little person gift

Arki Base Camp Play Couch

Ok, this one’s a bougee gift, but we promise it’s worth it. Play couches or sofas are modular seats that are a space for kids to chill out, get rough and active, and let their imagination run wild as they create different shapes with the seat’s parts. 

There are many on the market, but we love Arki’s – it comes with ten pieces (including fabulous little half-moon shapes), has a velcro tab system for structural strength, is made with durable foam, and offers removable covers for washing. So much fun to be had! 

Buy it here. This product does not ship to the US, but you can purchase a similar product via Cushy Couch.

Source: Arki

The personalized gift

Wooden letter blocks

These gorgeous wooden letter blocks are as beautiful to look at as they are functional. You can order them in a range of colors, with letters or images on the sides (or both), as a full alphabet (for learning), or in your kiddo’s name (for fun). And yes, they make for striking kids’ room decor. 

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Etsy

The busy little person gift

Merry Heart Wooden Toy Busy Board

Busy boards are the best. They keep little hands and minds occupied, plus help toddlers develop motor skills, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and even learn their letters, numbers, and colors. We love Merry Heart Wooden Toy’s Busy Board because it’s designed to be used on the go (like in the car on a road trip home from the in-laws after Christmas – if you see where we’re going with this). It looks like a handbag (it zips up and has a handle) and is made from felt (so it’s light), but it doesn’t hold back on activities – it’s got buckles, shoelaces, buttons, velcro, zippers, and more. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Etsy

The big kid bedroom gift

Halcyon Nights Friends With Salad Knit Blanket

Disclaimer: this knit blanket is so cute you’re going to want to steal it for yourself, mama! Aussie kidswear brand Halcyon Nights is known for its vibrant patterns and colors, and its Friends With Salad Knit Blanket is no exception. It’s unisex, super soft, machine washable, and the perfect addition to any ‘big kid’ bedroom. Use it for cuddles, playtime, or comfort on the go. 

Buy it here. Note: this product ships internationally – yay!

Source: Halcyon Nights

The outdoorsy gift

Djeco Bird Kite

Do you know what’s nuts? That toddlers are discovering that things like wind exist. How wild. And a way to make this discovery extra fun? With a kite! Djeco’s Bird Kite is striking and big (making it easy to spot in the sky). While mom and dad will need to do the holding of said kite for a couple more years, we can bet this will make for an exciting day at the beach, the park, or wherever you love to spend time outdoors as a family. 

Buy it here. Note: this product ships internationally – yay!

Source: Smallable

The pull along toy gift

Brio Baby Large Dachshund

Pull-along toys are a classic, and they can help your little one learn to control their movements, develop motor skills, and work on their perception and balance. (Who knew – all this from one toy?) Brio’s Dachshund has been kicking around since 1953, and they’ve released it in a modern version that’s double the size of the OG (we’re talking 51cms or about 20in – so the size of a small dog). It’s fitted on stable little wheels and features a sprung tail that wags as it’s pulled along. Oh, and it’s just really damn cute! 

Buy it here. Note: this product ships internationally – yay!

Source: Alex and Alexa

The water play gift

Pool Bouy Inflatable Baby Pool

Here’s the 411 on water play: it can help kids develop motor skills, coordination, experiment with different materials, and even socialize with others (e.g., if they’re at the pool). How fun!

So why not make your babe’s summer with a little inflatable pool that you can set up on a balcony, in a backyard, or wherever you’ve got the space. We love Pool Bouy’s version, which is stylish AF. 


Never, ever leave your little one alone playing in the water, no matter how deep or shallow it might. It’s the safest way, mama. 

Buy it here. Note: this product does not ship to the US. You can buy a similarly gorgeous product via Minnidip

Source: Pool Buoy

The reader’s gift 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First 100 Words

As your babe begins to develop their language skills, books that offer simple text next to pictures can be an excellent way to start them learning words and names of things. So cool, no?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First 100 Words features colorful illustrations from Eric Carle (love!), all labeled for learning, alongside fun little flaps to lift and engage with while reading.

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.) 

Source: Amazon

The first bike gift

Trybike Balance Bike/Tricycle

Once your kiddo starts to get the hang of walking and toddling around, they might be ready to try a bike – so grown up! But they’ve got a ways to go before they’re hitting the trails on something with pedals, gears, and the like. 

A tricycle or a balance bike is a great way to start your babe a-biking, and we vibe this two-in-one version from Trybike. With a few simple adjustments, your little one can use it as a tricycle from 15 months (while they’re still working on their balance), then as a balance bike from about two years and until they’re ready for their big kid bike. Love!

Buy it here. Note: this product ships internationally – yay! 

Source: Smallable

The little problem solver gift

Wee Gallery Beginner Puzzle

Wee Gallery’s Beginner Puzzle features six two-piece puzzles to introduce your babe to the wide world of puzzling and promote their visual development, motor skills, and problem-solving abilities. Yes, please!

The puzzle comes in two designs – pets and dinosaurs – and is made using a high-quality board. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Wee Gallery

The ultimate sensory gift

Wooden sensory play toys

Ok, so you can buy little playsets featuring things like scoops, bowls, cups, tongs, and pots that are designed for kiddos to learn how to use different tools and to sort and scoop materials (like, you can set your babe up with this set and rice, or other grains, to scoop, maneuver, and more). They’re said to stimulate your kid’s senses and encourage them to explore new processes and sensations – wild! 

We love this set from Piglet In Bloom which offers nine tools/pots, perfectly sized for little hands and sealed with organic beeswax to keep them protected. 

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Etsy

The inclusive gift

Miniland Baby Doll

The champions at Miniland have created a series of diverse, inclusive, and anatomically correct dolls for kids to promote empathy, acceptance of people of all kinds, and skills in caring for others. The dolls are made in Spain (fancy!), have an articulated head, arms, and legs, meaning they can sit, stand, or lie down during play, and are washable. We can’t tell you how much we love, love, love them – they’re a must-buy gift in our books. 

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.) 

Source: Daisy and Hen

The stocking stuffer gift

Wooden magnetic letters

Ok, we’ll admit this gift might be a little larger in size than your usual stocking stuffer, but stick with us. These wooden magnetic alphabet letters from Open Ended Toys are stunning, appropriately sized for little hands to grab and move, and come with uppercase and lowercase options. They’re perfect for popping on the fridge, for helping your kiddo learn their letters, and even for leaving cheeky messages for your significant other (until your babe can read, that is). 

Note: you can also buy these letters without magnets, if you prefer, for floor play. The choice is yours, mama. 

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Etsy

The artsy gift

Honeysticks Natural Beeswax Crayons

These beeswax crayons are adorable. They come in 12 vibrant colors to help your little Picasso unleash their inner artiste. They’re chunky in shape to help your kiddo develop their grip without accidental breakage. And they’re free from nasties like petro-chemicals, paraffin wax, and fillers that are found in many other crayons. You’ll be hanging your babe’s gorgeous artworks around your home in no time! 

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Honeysticks

The little builder gift

Connetix Tiles

Mama: these are awesome. They’re magnetic tiles designed for your little one to connect and create 2D and 3D shapes to their heart’s content (and to the fullest of their imagination). You can buy them in a range of packs and in rainbow or pastel colors, and believe us when we say these will become a playtime staple for your babe. 

We love the 40-piece Pastel Geometry Pack as a starter option: it features hexagons and triangles in eight delightful hues to encourage kids to explore early geometry (like shape, lines, angles, and dimensions) as well as how magnets work. So fun!

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Source: Connetix

We hope this leaves you inspired, mama. Let the shopping – and playtime – begin!

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