10 gift wrapping ideas to try this festive season

Hey, mama. We see you over there, all curious about Pinterest-ifying your Christmas but unsure where to even begin. Well, if you’ve read our guides to Christmas crafts for toddlers, choosing a Santa sack or stocking for your wee ones, decorating your Christmas tree, hacking Christmas baking, and tablescaping the f*ck out of your Christmas dinner, you’ve come to a natural next step: our guide to gift wrapping ideas to try this Christmas. 

Fetch your box of spare ribbons (we’ve all got one, no shame here), and let’s do this.

‘Chalkboard’ gift wrapping

This is such a fuss-free yet funky way of presenting your Christmas gifts. Grab a roll of black craft paper and a handful of white paint markers in different thicknesses. Wrap your gifts in the craft paper, then get doodling on those packages with the markers. 

You can see a tutorial for this chalkboard gift wrapping look from blogger Bonnie Christine linked here – she recommends planning out your designs on a separate piece of paper before you start drawing on the gifts, so you’ve got a plan. 

Source: Bonnie Christine

Minimalist gift wrapping

We love this super minimalist gift wrapping idea from Molly Madfis of design blog Almost Makes Perfect. 

Take crispy white wrapping paper, wrap your gifts, decorate with thin white ribbon, and label with a black and white tag (you can actually find a printable version on Molly’s site). A group of gifts wrapped in this look will dazzle underneath your tree. 

Source: Almost Makes Perfect

Colorful and crafty gift wrapping

Mama, this gift wrapping idea from crafting and DIY blogger Antonella Grossi involves a kid-friendly craft. So not only will it make your gifts look hot, but it’ll keep your little people busy for at least five minutes during the holiday season – a dream. 

Cut rectangles of thick green craft paper, and help your kids fold them into an accordion, lengthways. Press one of the folded ends together, and staple at the top – you’ve now got a tree shape. Together, glue some baubles (circles cut from pieces of colorful craft paper) and a star (cut from some white or yellow craft paper) onto one side of the tree shape. Make as many trees as you need to attach to your gifts. 

Source: White House Crafts

A pop of greenery gift wrapping

Using live greenery or florals to decorate your gifts is so lush, and we love this look from Amy Kim at Homey Oh My. 

First, wrap your gifts – Amy has used a striking white paper printed with black Christmas tree shapes that she created herself (it’s available to print via her website). Next, decorate your gifts with a thin white ribbon tied in a bow or with twine wrapped multiple times around the gift – you can even tie a little bell into the bow or wrapped twine too. Complete by slipping a single sprig of eucalyptus or pine under the ribbon or twine. 

Source: Homey Oh My

Keepsake gift wrapping

This little keepsake gift wrapping idea comes from stylist, blogger, and content creator Gina Ciancio. 

Make a series of salt dough ornaments (you could get your kids involved if they’re old enough and if you’re up for some crafting). Decorate the ornaments with the names of those you’re giving gifts to (you can write them onto the ornament with a gold marker). Wrap your gifts, and tie the ornament on as the tag – your friends and family will have not only a beautifully decorated gift but also a customized decoration for their tree. 

Source: Style Curator

Painted gift wrapping

This gift wrap idea from Molly Madfis of design blog Almost Makes Perfect (yes, she’s back again – she’s a clever cookie) is easy. But goodness, it’s effective as f*ck. 

Grab a roll of brown craft paper, and cut out what you need for wrapping. Lay it out, and, using a square edge paintbrush, paint strokes of varying sizes in the same direction (e.g., all running diagonally) in white paint and let dry. Then, wrap those gifts, baby.   

Source: Almost Makes Perfect

Edible gift wrapping

Do you know what’s even better than a gift? A gift that comes with a treat! 

This tasty idea comes from Erica Coffman, one of the writers behind food site HonestlyYUM. Make a gingerbread dough, and cut it out into shapes using cookie cutters – like rectangles, little sweaters, stars, whatever you like. Poke a little hole into a corner of each of the cookies, then bake. Once baked, ice the cookies, and attach them to your wrapped gifts! (Erica has used navy paper and navy and white ribbon to wrap her presents, which makes the brown of the cookie pop.)

Source: Honestly Yum

Christmas tree wrapping

This has to be one of the most creative uses for gift ribbon we’ve ever seen. 

Wrap your gifts in brown craft paper. Next, take a length of green ribbon, and glue one end of it towards the top of the gift in a diagonal direction. Then, zigzag the ribbon down the gift, gluing each fold to create a little Christmas tree shape. You can leave it as an abstract shape or add a star and a tree stem cut from craft paper for a true Christmas tree look. Wow.  

Find a tutorial for this Christmas tree wrapping idea from Christmas Time Made Easy, a Christmas lifestyle blog, linked here

Source: Christmas Time Made Easy

Pom pom gift wrapping

We love a good pom pom here at Mumli. So we adore this gift wrapping idea shared via Craftsy. 

Grab balls of yarn in colors of your choice (being Christmas, you might choose red, white, and green – just sayin’). Use the yarn to create your own pom poms (you can find a tutorial here), and tie to your gifts with the same yarn you’ve used to make the pom poms. So sweet.  

Source: Craftsy

Simple and chic gift wrapping

Now, if you want to get all fancy with your gift wrapping but don’t have the time (because, you know, you’re only raising a small human or two, no biggie!), take a look at this idea from lifestyle blogger Kristy Sayer-Jones. 

Simply wrap your gifts in brown craft paper. Then, decorate using two lengths of red and white string (for oomph!) and tie together with a little silver bell. It’s a timeless look. 

Source: Southern In Law

Happy wrapping, girlfriend. We know that your gift recipients will be delighted! 

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