10 stylish Christmas tablescape ideas

Christmas tablescaping is such a goddamn vibe. But, unless you’re a 100 per cent, fully subscribed Pinterest mom, we know y’all don’t have the time or probably even the mental capacity to be researching the perfect dinnerware layering, classy ways to mismatch napery, or DIY place card settings. Just, no. 

So, we’ve done the scouting for you. (Can we say we love our job?) Here are 10 stylish Christmas tablescape ideas – some are easy as pie, others might take a little more planning, but all are festive as f*ck.

Farmhouse Christmas table

This tablescape The Design Twins blog is farmhouse chic at its very best. It’s rustic, focuses on natural tones, and is cozy AF. 

The pair have started by layering lengths of tartan print and plain paper as a table runner, then added woven placemats and jute cutlery holders, and topped the whole affair with lots of lush greenery and pinecones, as well as simple tall candleholders. Neutral-toned glassware and plates complement the look. We love it.

farmhouse christmas table

Source: The Design Twins

All-white Christmas table

There’s something so stylish about color-blocking, especially in all white tones. And we adore party and lifestyle influencer (what a job title!) Cristina Riches’ ‘winter wonderland’ tablescape as inspiration for a Christmas breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

She’s played with textures, height, and lighting to keep the look interesting. A patterned organza tablecloth is layered over a linen tablecloth, oversized white beaded baubles and tealights adorn the table itself, and a display of candles delicately arranged on a cake stand adds height and completes the tablescape. How clever.

all white christmas table

Source: Bird’s Party

Gold and copper Christmas table

Metallics are just so perfect for festive season decorating – whether that’s your tree, your table, or anything, really. 

Lifestyle site, Inspired by This, shared this gold and copper tablescape. A neutral table runner scattered with a silvery-gold pinecone garland and gold and copper ornaments lines the middle of the table, while gold and white plates and gold and silver cutlery await guests. The chairs are even decked out with beige, white, and gold cushions and throw rugs for extra coziness. It’s divine.  

Gold and copper Christmas table

Source: Inspired By This

Glam and sparkly Christmas table

We had no idea tablescaping could be so glam before we found this gorgeous design showcased on interior design website, Hadley Court. 

Pink sequined fabric lines the table, which is adorned with mini disco balls, tinsel, glittery napkins, and a stunning sort of centerpiece: a tiered tower made of vintage champagne glasses filled with tiny flowers. Wow. 

The best bit, though? The glitter bombs that are set out on each guests’ plate. What a fun take on the standard Christmas cracker.  

Glam and sparkly Christmas table

Source: Hadley Court

Colorful Christmas table

We know that red and green are the O.G. Christmas colors. But why not have a little fun with things?

This design shared by Woman’s Day features a rainbow of bottle brush trees down the center of the table, matching pink glassware, colorful napkins, and even oversized paper stars hanging from the backs of the dining chairs. It’s surprisingly festive. 

Colorful Christmas table

Source: Woman’s Day

Minimalist Christmas table

Who says Christmas needs to be about decorating excess? 

We dig this design from decor and fashion blog Paces West, which is so delightfully minimalist. A fresh cypress garland lines the center of the table, striking tall black candle holders are scattered around it, bowls of dried orange slices and pomegranates add a tiny pop of color, and each place is marked with a rolled linen napkin. It’s all very simple and elegant. 

Minimalist Christmas table

​​Source: Paces West

Maximalist Christmas table

Sometimes more is more; especially during the festive season.

This look is shared by London-based designer department store, Liberty, and it’s just spectacular. Floral napkins sit ready next to gold cutlery atop a color-blocked tablecloth, which is brimming with bowls of ornaments, florals of all colors, ornate candle holders, and decorative dinnerware. It’s the perfect Christmas table inspiration. 

floral christmas table

Source: Liberty.

Classic red, white, and green Christmas table

If you’re a Christmas traditionalist, you’ll love this elegant as heck tablescape from decor blog, Shades of Blue Interiors.

Red and white candle holders and white Christmas trees run down the center of the table, which is dressed with a red and white table runner and a crisp white tablecloth. Simple white plates sit atop wooden chargers and are decorated with red and white napkins and a single green fern leaf (to add that extra festive touch). Gold cutlery adds a special touch, while a fuzzy cushion on each chair adds coziness. It’s a yes from us. 

Classic red, white, and green christmas table

Source: Shades of Blue Anterior

Citrus (scented) Christmas table

Using citrus in your Christmas decor is just so fresh, and we love this tablescape idea from design blog Fox Hollow Cottage. 

A white tablecloth and a crocheted lace tablecloth (how fun is a double tablecloth) dress the table, while a fresh Cedar leaf table runner, candles, and orange pomanders run down the center. (Pomander is a fancy word for an orange with cloves poked into it.) Log slice chargers hold simple white plates, and a little green bow embellishes each chair for a super festive touch. The overall look is gorgeous, and the smell is even better. 

Citrus (scented) Christmas table

Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

Tartan Christmas table

Using tartan patterns as part of your festive decorating is such a simple idea but damn, it looks so freaking good. So we’re vibing this Christmas table inspiration from interior design blog, Stone Gable. 

A bare table is set with log slice chargers at each place – each is topped with vintage-looking plates and decorated with pine sprigs, mini pinecones, and a tartan napkin. Next to each place, polished silver cutlery is tied together with a candy cane and a red bow, and red, white, silver, and tartan baubles and pine sprigs are nestled into decorative bowls and into the wine glasses to create a stunning centerpiece. Additional greenery has been used to flesh out the look – it’s all so pretty. 

Tartan Christmas table

Source: Stone Gable

All that’s left to do now, mama, is to get decorating. We know any guests that grace your table will be wowed.

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