How to decorate a Christmas tree: 12 styles we love

In amongst buying gifts for your toddler, your baby daddy, and your kid’s daycare educators, making more festive treats than should be legally allowed, hiding a damn elf around the house each night, and hand-holding your kid through a series of Christmas crafts, you’ve got to decorate a goddamn tree. Like, f*ck, as if you didn’t have enough to do. 

Before you turn all grinch on us, mama, here are 12 Christmas tree decor ideas to use this year – they’re certified Pinterest-level hot but still easy enough to create.

Coastal chic Christmas tree

If you’re a coastal babe and your home is decked to the nine’s with beachy tones and accessories, this tree is the ultimate inspiration.

Designer Keli Wozniak has used starfish and seahorse ornaments mixed with white and glass baubles and mini bottles alongside ribbons of jute fabric throughout this tree to create a look that’s reminiscent of the seaside but without an ounce of kitsch.

coastal chic christmas tree neutral tones

Source: Seahorse & Stripes

All-white Christmas tree

There’s just something so damn chic about an all-white Christmas tree, and we love author and photographer Courtney Allison’s take on the matter.

Beginning with a flocked Christmas tree (for decorating newbies – like us! – flocked means the tree’s branches are covered in a sort of fake snow), she’s added white and pastel pink baubles and draped the whole affair with pastel pink beading. It’s effortless yet so striking.

all white christmas tree

Source: French Country Cottage

Ombre-look Christmas tree

If there’s ever a time to go hard on decorating, it’s Christmas. And if you’re not afraid of color, we think you’ll love this ombre Christmas tree.

Interior designer, cook, and DIYer Michael Wurm, Jr., has cleverly used baubles organized into single-colored horizontal bands running up his tree to give it an ombre effect (seriously, so smart). He then intermixed this with strands of jute ribbon and topped it all with a vintage star. It’s a whole vibe, in the best way.

rainbow ombre christmas tree

Source: Inspired by Charm

Farmhouse-style Christmas tree

Calling all our Joanna-Gaines-loving mamas: we’ve found the best tree inspiration for you.

Liz Fourez, an interior designer and blogger, has created this stunning farmhouse-style Christmas tree in her bedroom (because why reserve the Christmas fun for the living room, right?). She started with a mid-size tree, weaving burlap ribbon through its branches. She then scattered white baubles throughout the tree – some standard-sized, others oversized, to add a little impact. The tree was completed with pinecones nestled within its branches for texture. How freaking beautiful is the result?

white and wood farmhouse christmas tree

Source: Love Grows Wild

Scandinavian minimalist Christmas tree

If your home is more minimalist in look and feel, it can be easy to be put off by the excess that can come with the festive season. But, take note from blogger Amy Kim: it’s possible to have a stylish Christmas tree without going overboard.

To decorate her tree, Amy kept things simple with just three types of embellishments: paper trees, gold metallic baubles, and a white felt garland. She only used a small number of the trees and baubles and kept plenty of space between the trees, baubles, and garland amongst the branches. The effect is a tree that looks festive without taking over the room.

Scandinavian minimalist Christmas tree

Source: Homey Oh My

Modern traditional Christmas tree

Ok, we love a traditional Christmas tree. Tis’ the season, as they say! But why not have fun with a modern take on the norm.

Self-taught carpenter (so cool) and blogger Jen Woodhouse took a semi-flocked Christmas tree and decorated it with Poinsetta flowers, red berries, tartan and plain red ribbon, and assorted red baubles for a look that screams Christmas but in an updated way.

Modern traditional Christmas tree

Source: Jen Woodhouse

Over the top Christmas tree

Janie Molster, an interior designer, produced this look for a client’s home – it’s so wonderfully over the top, and we adore it. 

While Janie’s usual design motto is ‘less is more’, she wanted to make the Christmas tree the centerpiece of the home rather than relying on lots of decor everywhere. The outcome is a tree that’s dripping with pink glass baubles, candy ribbon, wooden snowflakes, and topped with a dramatic white star. It’s divine. 

pink bauble christmas tree decorations

Source: Janie Molster

Fruits and flowers Christmas tree

Using fruits and flowers to decorate your tree is a fresh as f*ck take on Christmas. 

Blogger Genevieve Morrison created her own dried orange and star anise ornaments and scattered these, along with fairy lights, roses, baby’s breath, and lavender, throughout her tree for a super elegant, all-natural look. 

You can find her tutorial to make the dried orange and star anise ornaments linked here. We’ll call it an adult Christmas craft – how fun!

fruit and flowers christmas tree

Source: She Keeps A Lovely Home

Blue-hued Christmas tree

If you’ve got a flocked Christmas tree, decorating with blue, silver, and gold accessories is so sophisticated. We dig this look from Kelly Page, a mom, blogger, and self-proclaimed ‘blue and grey’ fan (she knows what she’s doing with the color palette, to say the least). 

She’s used an assortment of blue and silver ornaments, alongside blue ribbon and a shimmering gold garland, to make the most whimsical tree we’ve ever seen.

blue gold and silver christmas tree

Source: Blue Grey Gal

Striking black and gold Christmas tree

Do you know what’s cool? You can buy Christmas trees in every color under the sun, including black. 

Before you poo pooh it (we know it’s not your usual festive color), just take a look at how blogger Reichel Broussard decorated hers. Gold ornaments of every shape adorn the tree (we spot birds, pine cones, baubles, and more), and the look is completed with a leafy gold garland and fairy lights. It’s simply stunning!

black and gold christmas tree

Source: Copy Cat Chic

Color-blocked Christmas tree

Like to do things differently? Take a note of this tree from the home of interior designer Darryl Carter: he’s taken a huge real pine tree and decorated it with pumpkin-orange baubles and burlap ribbon. 

Now, while Carter hand-painted his baubles and ribbon to get the perfect shade of orange, we’re sure you can buy what you need because we know y’all are busy. This is certainly a Christmas tree look we’ve never seen before, but damn we feel it.

block color orange christmas tree

Source: Verandah

Vintage mini Christmas tree

If you live in a small space, you might only have room for a mini tree – they’re cute AF, and you can have so much fun decorating them. 

We vibe how Abby Hoppen, an interior design boutique owner, decorated a small-scale Christmas tree for her bedroom, of all places – she potted a little tree in a basket (cute), and decked it out with vintage Christmas ornaments and the daintiest star. It’s perfect inspiration if you’re short on room.

mini christmas tree classic vintage

Source: Country Living

Well, all that’s left to do is get decorating, mama. Make yourself a little hot cocoa and fire up the Christmas carols – we know your tree is going to look sh*t hot!

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