9 gift ideas for daycare educators

You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice… and oh sh*t, you need to get a present for your kid’s daycare educators too! 

Now we know you’ve got more than enough on your plate, mama (it’s Christmas, after all!). So, here are 9 easy gift ideas to thank those that have been taking care of your child throughout the year.

The ‘ultimate handmade’ gift 

There’s nothing like a Christmas craft, especially when it doubles as gifting fodder. But, if your kids are doing the crafting, it can be easy for said Christmas craft to look, well, not like something you’d want to gift someone (as much as you love your kids). Fear not: we’ve found the ultimate Christmas craft gift – glittery baubles. 

Grab a box of clear Christmas decorations, some glue paste, a paintbrush, and a mound of glitter (the color is your choice). Paint the glue onto the bottom half of the decorations; roll in glitter. BOOM. They’re cute, they’re useful, and they’ll keep your kids* occupied for at least 10 minutes (we can hope, anyway). 

*Note that this activity is best suited towards kids aged 3+ (under supervision, of course) if you’ll be getting your little ones involved. 

See here for full instructions. 

Source: Unusually Lovely

The ‘pamper yourself’ gift

Your child’s daycare educators have been caring for your kid all year. So they deserve a little pampering, wouldn’t you say? 

This adorable spa in a mason jar idea is easy and sure to please. Take a medium to large-sized mason jar, layer with cotton balls (for the ‘just snowed’ look), and fill with goodies like a face mask, hand cream, lip balm, nail polish, and more. You could theme it (by including the ‘ingredients’ for a mani/pedi, for example), or you could keep it general (by including a range of products). 

See here for full instructions. 

Source: A Night Owl

The ‘gobble it up’ gift

Ok, food is always a gifting winner. Now, you could bake something or buy a treat (or two!) that’s ready to devour. Or, you could get creative with it and gift the ingredients to a delicious delight layered beautifully in a mason jar. 

Cookies, brownies, and pancakes make for easy filling ideas, and you can even accompany the gift with a wooden spoon or another cooking utensil for a special touch. 

See here for full instructions. 

Source: Bake Play Smile

The ‘drinks on us’ gift

A bottle of wine or the ingredients for a cocktail are lovely gifts, sure. But why not do things a little differently?

Aperiteaf’s tea-based infusions come in the form of little bags that you soak in alcohol or soda to create instant cocktails without the need for complicated recipes or multiple ingredients. They have infusions to inspire favorites like bellinis, margaritas, and mojitos, and recipes to match, too. However, the thing we love most? You can use them to create cocktails and mocktails. 

Buy it here. (And for the US, buy it here.)

Source: Etsy

The ‘made you laugh’ gift

Taking care of kids is hard. One of the best antidotes? Laughter! 

We love this t-shirt that spells out TGIF as if written on a chalkboard. It’s sassy, it’s relevant, and it’s bound to make your kid’s daycare educators giggle. 

Buy it here. (And for the US, buy it here.)

Source: Etsy

The ‘ultimate teacher’s’ gift

Books are synonymous with teachers, whether they’re a daycare, a preschool, or even a high school teacher. So while picking up a book for your kids’ daycare educators might seem cliche, it’s a gift you can’t go wrong with. 

And our top picks for daycare educators?

  • Thank You, Teacher, by Eric Carle (pictured)
  • Our Class Is A Family, by Shannon Olsen and Sandie Sonke
  • A Teacher Like You, by Frank Murphy, Barbara Dan, and Kayla Harren

Buy them here. (And for the US, buy them here.)  

Source: Amazon

The ‘doing good’ gift

While not a physical present, making a donation in the name of your kid’s daycare educators to children in need is just a goddamn nice way of gifting during the holiday season.

Unicef has a range of ‘gifts’ available for purchase through its website, including pencils for school kids around the world. (We’re not crying, you’re crying!)

Buy it here. (And for the US, buy it here.)

Source: Unicef

The ‘green thumb’ gift

Plants make wonderful teacher gifts (like, you can make little wordplays on sowing the seeds of knowledge, they look fabulous on a desk, and more). But why not shake things up and go for a seed bomb instead?

As the name suggests, seed bombs are balls of seeds that you place wherever you want their contents to grow. You can find seed bombs with all types of plants inside, but we particularly love these bee-friendly ones that contain flowering plants to support these little insects. 

Buy it here. (And for the US, buy it here.) 

Source: Etsy

The ‘heartfelt’ gift

Your kid’s daycare educators will likely receive a lot of gifts. But, consult the ‘Net on top daycare educator gifts (yep, we did), and one of the favorite presents is always a card and a handwritten thank you note from your little one. 

If ‘crafty’ is your middle name, you could even make the card to contain that note, mama. A simple idea? Grab some kid-friendly paint, your kids, and some blank paper. Cover one of your kid’s hands in paint, apply to the paper to create a handprint, and draw the whole shebang up into a little flower pot. Cute!

See here for full instructions. 

Source: There’s Just One Mommy

Time to get giving, mama! Remember that no matter how big, small, expensive, or homemade a gift, your kid’s daycare educators are certain to be appreciative. And be sure to share on Mumli other present ideas you’ve found or even gifted before. 

Now that you’ve ‘hacked’ daycare educator gifting read here for more ideas on quick mom wins.

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