10 of the best Halloween costumes for babies

We’re calling it mamas: Halloween is the ultimate holiday for parents. You don’t have to organize gifts (win). There’s candy involved (win and win). And you get to dress your babe up in the most adorable, most ridiculous little costumes and photograph the sh*t out of it (win, win, and win). 

Now, we know Halloween is fast upon us, and you might have already sorted a little outfit for your baby. But if not, here are 10 of the best Halloween costumes for babies in case you need some last-minute inspiration.

A baby shark (do-do-do-do) 

(Sorry, not sorry, if Baby Shark is now stuck in your head…!)

You’ve sung the song (a million times) and danced the dance (way more than you’d have liked), now it’s time for payback, in the form of a f*cking adorable baby shark costume. 

We also love that this costume has mileage – when your babe pops their first tooth, wrestle them into this costume, don a white t-shirt stained with red food-dye ‘blood’ marks where your nips sit and pose for a pic together for a funny Instagram announcement that your little one is teething.

Buy it: Infant Shark Bunting Costume

Source: Halloweencostumes.com

A yummy little hot dog 

All those times you’ve said, “You’re just so cute I could eat you up”? Make them a reality. (Well, not really, but you catch our drift.) 

This silly little costume is just so joyful. Plus, you could make it a family affair by dressing your babe’s siblings or mom and dad (we’re lookin’ at you, mama) in ketchup, mustard, and relish costumes. The ultimate foodie pairing!

Buy it: Baby Hot Dog Halloween Costume Pullover 

Source: Amazon

Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2

Halloween is made for twins. There are so many fabulous duos to dress your babies up as: milk and cookies, Minnie and Mickey, the spooky little girls from The Shining. 

But one of the sweetest duos (and cutest costumes, for that matter) has to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, from Dr. Seuss’ classic, The Cat in the Hat. It’s double the cheekiness!

Buy it: Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 Baby Costume

Source: Pottery Barn Kids 

A baby… grandma?!

We can’t explain why, but there’s something particularly hilarious about dressing babies up as old folk. Like, what’s the science?!

Anyway, all you need for this funny costume is a crochet wig with curlers (Etsy, for some reason, is brimming with them) and a baby-size robe… for extra points, add a tiny pair of glasses to complete the look. Good luck trying not to giggle when you see your baby dressed up in this. 

Buy it: Crochet Baby Curler Hat 

Source: Etsy

Baby Yoda

Did anyone else watch The Mandalorian and find themselves obsessing over Baby Yoda? The big eyes, the adorable pointy ears, the cheeky gurgling. It’s too much!

Lucky for us, the Halloween costume industry has caught on big time, and there are Baby Yoda costumes, like this one, for your ‘baby Yoda’. You could even make it matchy-matchy by dressing up as The Mandalorian yourself. 

Buy it: Mandalorian The Child Costume

Source: Halloweencostumes.com

An itty bitty baby koala

Is dressing your baby up as a baby animal baby inception? Who knows. Whatever the case, it’s cuteness central. We love this delightful baby koala costume; the fuzzy ears are simply the sweetest. But the thing we love the most? $2 from its sale goes towards helping save the koalas in Australia. Now that’s a costume.

Buy it: Baby Koala Outfit

Source: Etsy

A cute lil’ pumpkin

It wouldn’t be Halloween without at least one baby, somewhere in the world, being dressed up as a squishy, tiny pumpkin. ‘Tis the season, mama.

We love this iteration of the classic; the beret-style hat is particularly fetching. Why not get your mama friends to dress their babes the same and make your own little pumpkin patch? We can just picture the adorable snaps now.

Buy it: Baby Pumpkin Halloween Costume

Source: Pottery Barn Kids 

A chef and Maine lobster

If you’re all about those mommy-baby matching vibes, here’s the Halloween costume for you: a master chef and her little Maine lobster.

This costume is 10/10 cute and hassle-free. It comes with a chef’s hat for you, mama, so all you need to wear in addition are jeans, a white shirt, and an apron (all things you probably already own). You can even make it breastfeeding friendly with a button down shirt. Then the lobster part simply sits over a front-facing baby carrier. So easy!

Buy it: Master Chef & Maine Lobster Costume

Source: Halloweencostumes.com

A tiny piece of sushi

If you don’t have time to get to the store or order something online, this baby sushi costume is easy-as-pie to make at home. 

Simply grab a white onesie, some orange, dark green, light green and pink felt, and a hot glue gun. First, create a fish shape on the front of the onesie using the orange felt. Next, layer a strip of dark green felt across the waist (that’s the seaweed) and use the light green felt to create little sushi serving tray leaves down either side of the onesie. Then use the light pink, and some more light green felt to make ‘ginger’ and ‘wasabi’. 

We’d call this costume a complete mom win

Make it: Sushi Baby Halloween Costume

Source: Everydaydishes.com 

A newborn baby candy corn

If your babe is fresh out of the womb and possibly too tiny to wrangle into a multi-piece costume, don’t despair – you needn’t miss out on the fun.

Swaddle your little one in an orange muslin (or a piece of orange fabric) and pair it with this adorable crochet hat. Hello, newborn baby candy corn! We have a feeling those pics will be keepers.

Buy it: Newborn Candy Corn Hat

Source: Etsy

Well, that’s Halloween sorted, mama. Happy shopping, and most importantly, happy dress-ups! Tag us in your Instagram Halloween snaps – @mumliapp

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