How to choose a crib for your baby

Choosing a bed for your baby is a special moment. It’s where your little one will rest and grow. It’s where you’ll place them at night, sending them off for sweet dreams, and then pick them up for cuddles and kisses as they start their day each morning. Cue all the feels.

Yet, picking that bed? It ain’t simple. We’re #blessed with choice when it comes to beds, meaning there’s something for everyone on the market. But it can all get a little overwhelming, to say the least. So here are five questions to consider when buying a bed for your baby to help you narrow down what to choose.

1. What type of bed is best for me? 

Understanding the different types of beds available and what they offer can help start your shopping experience off on the right foot. 


A crib (otherwise known as a cot in the UK and Australia) is a child’s bed with slatted sides. They are designed for a child to sleep in from birth up to about three years of age (who doesn’t love a product with longevity?!). 

However, you might not have the space in your bedroom for a full-sized crib – safe sleep guidelines recommend keeping your baby in the same room as you until at least six months of age to help reduce the risk of SIDS, so your bed choice might be restricted by what will actually fit in your room. Plus, you might feel funky putting your tiny newborn in such a big bed (which is totally ok). This is where a bassinet, co-sleeper, or Moses basket is useful. 

Bassinet / co-sleeper / Moses basket

These are designed specifically for newborns and provide a small, cozy space for your little one. A bassinet is sort of a mini version of a crib, while a co-sleeper attaches to your bed and features a zip or roll-down side so you can easily resettle or feed your little one without getting up at night (the dream). A Moses basket is a woven basket with carry handles that babies can sleep in (sounds odd, yes, but they’re great if you want to move your baby from room to room). 

According to Yvette Picthall, Store Manager of Baby Village, these products are a popular choice because they’re small, so can fit in most spaces. Pediatrician and Founder and CEO of Happiest Baby, Dr Harvey Karp, adds, “Having a bassinet for your baby is handy because it allows your bub to be right by your bedside, so you can see them and tend to their needs quickly.”

But, Yvette also explains it’s important to know that these beds, because of their size, can only be used for a short period of time; up until around four to six months. “Once your baby starts to roll you should transition to a crib because it’s a bigger area to move around,” she says.

2. Is it on theme with my nursery? 

“All cribs do exactly the same thing. You put a mattress in, they’ve got two heights, and your baby sleeps in there,” says Yvette. So, aside from space, Yvette explains that your nursery design is likely going to be a key influence in your choice of bed. 

Luckily there’s a baby bed to suit every style of space, from boho rattan bassinets to sleigh-look and Scandi-inspired minimalist cribs. Hit the ‘Grams, make a Mumli collection, or read our article on nursery design for inspiration to narrow down your preferences. 

3. Is it in my budget?

Baby beds can get costly. Our advice? Make the bed one of the first things you purchase in case you spend a little more on it than planned. (Because sh*t happens and sometimes you fall desperately in love with a European designer bed.) 

You could also save on costs by purchasing a bed second-hand. Read our guide to buying pre-loved goods for your little one here for need-to-know hints and tips. 

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4. Is it easy to use? 

Complicated assembly instructions? Team of five required to put the bed together? Fiddly zips on the co-sleeper? It’s a ‘hell no’ from us. You don’t need the added drama of tricky furnishings, mama. Read reviews, ask friends about their experience with the model or brand, and test that bad boy out before buying to avoid any headaches. 

5. Are you looking for added tech? 

There are bassinets and cribs that will literally rock your baby to sleep. Say what? 

You’ve got products such as the lusted-after SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper, the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, and the Cradlewise Smart Crib, which can do things like calm your baby’s crying, play white noise, and even track your little one’s sleep habits. 

Smart bassinets and cribs like the SNOO “are a sort of virtual, 24/7 support for exhausted, stressed-out new parents during the crucial early months of their baby’s life,” notes Dr Karp. So if you think these features will elevate your parenting experience (aka get you some extra zzz’s), a smart bassinet or crib might be for you. 

There you go mama, we hope we’ve helped set you up for success when it comes time to buy your baby’s bed. We’d love to know what you eventually choose: a bassinet or a crib, a co-sleeper, or even a SNOO. 

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