2020: The year of the mum

Whether you’re a new mum who found her feet, 

and hit the ground running while it continually shifted around you. 

Or a seasoned mum who pivoted like a pro, 

through lockdowns, homeschooling, and an unprecedented number of toddler tantrums.

Never before has the role been more demanding.

Never before has the weight of the mental load been heavier.

Never before have mums been more needed.

Not just for the round the clock milk feeds or snacks, 

or the new craft/game/distraction that you had to conjure up every day.

Not just for the extra cleaning, and organising, 

and general mumming that everyone needs but often goes unnoticed.

Not for all the additional hats you’ve had to wear, 

that piled on steadily as the year progressed.

But for those special things that only mums can give;

The reassurance of your hand in theirs, when the world became a bit scary and confusing.

The warmth of your laugh, when they felt isolated and needed connection.

The love felt in your cuddles, when they needed their safe place; their home.

We see you, through the blood, sweat, and tears.

We see the mark this year has left on your heart.

We watched you put it all aside, everything you needed to feel,

and instead, step up to be whatever your babies needed you to be.

Hour after hour, day after day, and month after month.

So here’s to you mama, as we head into a new year.

We’re not going to promise that 2021 will be better, 

because we said 2020 would be our year, and well…

But we do promise that this year made you stronger.

Even if you feel like you barely made it out alive, 

even if you crawled your way to the finish line.

This year proved that you are capable of anything,

that you can endure anything.

And we promise that if you can’t, that’s ok too.

Because 2021 is the Year of Mumli,

and we’re here for you.

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