2020: The year you were born

Dear 2020 baby,

One day when you’re grown, you’ll ask me about the year you were born.

And I’ll admit, for many reasons it was a gruelling year. An uncertain year. A year of disconnect and isolation.

But this is what I need you to know…

When I worried about protecting you in my womb while bushfires raged around us, your heart beating alongside mine gave me reassurance.

When I questioned my ability to bring you into this world safely during a pandemic, your determination to find your way into my arms washed away all my doubts.

When I was apprehensive about us being cut off from our loved ones during a lockdown, your tiny hand on my cheek and eyes searching for mine kept my heart full.

I want you to know that becoming your mama gave me the strength to overcome everything else the universe threw my way, and trust me, it was a lot.

You gave me purpose while the world held its breath and waited.

You redefined my sense of self when it felt like life as we knew it would never be the same.

You turned months of isolation into some of my most cherished memories.

You were my comfort through it all, my little love.

So when you ask me about the year you were born, I will tell you it was the year that made my world stop. Not because of bushfires, or pandemics, or lockdowns, but because you entered my orbit like the warmest beam of light I’ve ever felt, shining directly into my heart, and filled me with a love that was worth it all.

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