A battlefield of challenges


I know the world is heavy right now.

It has been for some time.

With the pandemic—a war against the virus—which has brought about such divide and loss of innocent life.

And now with a war itself—a war between humanity—which is bringing about such hate, and loss of innocent life.

We are mothering in a battlefield of challenges.

Most of us have been directly affected by the virus. We have, and continue to, live through the effects it has had on our livelihoods. It continues to test us, our economies, our freedoms.

And while many of us right now are not directly involved in the horror that is the war in Ukraine, it still affects us in more ways than may appear obvious.

As we watch women and their children being separated from their husbands,

As we watch families fleeing their homes,

As we hear children screaming while houses nearby are being bombed,

As we hear voices shake during interviews as they try to hold onto their courage while unimaginable fear tries to surface,

As we witness from afar the incomprehensible suffering of innocent families just like our own,

We worry for them.

We ache for them.

We cry for them.

From our warm safe homes with those we love within reach,

We feel helpless,


Guilty about the privileged life we still get to experience.

We feel shocked,


Anxious about what this may mean for our own families one day.

We feel heavy,


A deep sense of gratitude for what we currently still hold in our arms.

This is what happens when you understand the deep love that comes with motherhood, parenthood, and family life.

When you know that at the end of the day the core of what actually matters in life is having each other.

So Mama, wherever this finds you today, know that you are not alone.

If you are finding things particularly hard right now, know that we all are, in our own way, shape or form.

Motherhood is hard enough without the weight of a hurting world on top of your shoulders.

Give yourself permission to see that,

And the grace to feel it too.

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