A journey of growth

Being pregnant.

It’s a beautiful privilege.

But it’s not always easy.

Not for me at least.

Some people say they love being pregnant. But I am not one of them.

I love what I am creating, but the journey there?

Not always.

My head down a toilet bowl isn’t enjoyable.

Gagging at the smell of coffee, or one look at raw meat, is not fun.

Having insomnia every night when I’m exhausted isn’t exactly something I look forward to.

Running around after two little children during the day when I struggle to walk is challenging.

Being up every hour to go to the toilet, just as I’ve managed to catch a single wink, can be frustrating. 

And for many, there’s also a deep emotional pain involved. 

Trying to get pregnant in the first place. 

Losing a pregnancy or many.

Anxiety about falling pregnant again.

There’s so much involved with growing life.

And there are beautiful parts. Of course there are.

If you are lucky enough to stay pregnant, it’s the little stirs underneath your skin from the love you are creating.

It’s seeing them wave at you through a screen as though they are saying “see you soon Mum”.

And it’s all the conversation wrapped up in so much excitement and anticipation. 

The whole process is nothing short of incredible.

Women ARE incredible.

But at the end of the day it’s what we get through that makes us as incredible as we are, not the beautiful moments we sail through.


It makes a baby.

But it also makes a woman stronger than she could have imagined.

It is one of the hardest journeys of growth there is.

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