Above all else

Every mother loves her children endlessly.

She would do anything to make sure they are warm, safe, and content.

Her children are her world.

But every mother mothers differently to the next.

When it comes to sleep training or not, using a dummy or not, having one child or four.

When it comes to letting them watch screen time, or only reading books, or working, or being

a Stay at Home Mum.

When it comes to what she dresses them in, herself in, how much pocket money they are

allowed, or what their diet looks like some days.

When it comes to how much they get out of the house, or how much she plays with them,

whether they have a strict routine, or no real routine at all.

Her love for her children remains as much as the next.

Just as her level of trying does.

Because we are all trying. 

Every single day.

Every single night.

And I think it can be easy to forget this.

We compare ourselves to others who do it differently.

And if their way doesn’t align with our own values, or way of mothering, it becomes easy to


We all do it sometimes, even if we try really hard not to.

But we must remember that we do not know the entire story behind a mother’s mothering.

We often don’t know her why. Her what. Her how.

Nor do we need to.

Because at the end of the day she will have thought long and hard about every single


She will likely have sacrificed many sleepless nights already wondering if those decisions are the “right” ones.

And she is the one who knows what works for her family best.

So as mothers we may do things differently, but we all have one thing in common:

We all love our children endlessly,

And that needs to be remembered above all else.

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