Being a mom is hard: here’s how not to f*ck it up

If you thought you were clicking into an article giving very precise instructions on the one correct way to raise tiny humans, this is not that. We don’t want to be that guy; we’re not here to tell you how to parent. That sounds exhausting, besides, we’re still figuring out this sh*tshow ourselves.

And while we’re being honest, you are going to mess up every now and then. That sh*t is inevitable. In saying that, you CAN lessen the amount of parenting fails you have to weather, and the consequential emotional trauma you inflict on your mini by following a few simple guidelines.

Here are three tips to help minimize the mom fails and an exit strategy to keep in your back pocket in case of emergency – you got this!


How to f*ck up less often

Do less, so you can do the important things well

It’s a f*cked up narrative based on outdated social norms that we need to be able to effortlessly do all the things. 

And one that is heavily marketed on social media.

Your kid isn’t going to notice if the dishes sit in the sink for an extra few hours days, or if you’re on your third consecutive day of dry shampoo. So park the washing and spend some extra time with your kid.

Unload your mom brain

Studies* have shown that there is a direct link between being organized within an inch of your life, and messing sh*t up way less (*it’s us, we’re studies). Mumli was essentially born because moms have waaay too much information, and nowhere to keep it all. We know, we’re shocked it’s taken this long to figure out too.

As you move through the seasons of motherhood, the information you need will rapidly change – It’s a lot to keep track of. As soon as you wrap your head around swaddling, it’s figuring out how to start solids. As soon as you feel confident feeding your kid, it’s navigating your new toddler tornado.

Motherhood is never not going to be a sh*tshow, but it can be a sorted sh*tshow, which is a tiny bit better.

Have an identity outside of Mom

Not f*cking up being a mom isn’t just about making sure your kid stays alive and end up (relatively) emotionally stable, it’s also about not f*cking it up for you. Yes, you! 

Take time for yourself, recognize when you’re feeling overwhelmed and have strategies in place for when you are. Recharge so that you can mom hard and mom well when you need to.


If when you do f*ck up:

If you feel like you’ve dropped the ball, the first thing you need to do is own it. The next thing you need to do is forgive yourself. We’re all human! Remind yourself that you’re still a great mom – because you are.

Now if you’ve made it to the end and you’re thinking – well that was f*cking useless, I’m already doing all of this – then you’re already doing a good job, and what you really needed was simply someone to tell you that – so here it is everything you actually need to know, and what you really came here for:

Being a mum is really hard, and you are doing a great job.

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