You have your healthy baby in your arms,


You breathe out all of that relief.

All that tired.

All those nine months of hard.

You hold them close to your body.

It’s raw and numb, but you feel everything.

Their tiny rise and fall.

Your tears merging into a river that flows between your bodies.

The weight of their tiny little body fitting yours like a puzzle.

You sniff their head.

It’s pure magic.

How does it smell that good?

Nothing makes sense right now, but them.

So you inhale them some more.

You answer questions as people come and go, poking and prodding you.

But you don’t remember much of that.

Details like that don’t matter right now.

Just every little detail of them you are learning.

The shape of their ears, the color of their hair. The size of their hands and feet.

They are everything you dreamt of.

And you cannot believe that they are real.

That this is real.

But it is.

You have a baby now.

You have a life in your hands.

You are somebody’s mum.

And this moment right here will remain with you forever.

Through all the tired,

Through all the years filled with moments of hard,

You will never forget this moment of meeting.

This is when everything changed.

This is how your worlds opened.

This is where you both were born.

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