Dear Mum

Dear Mum,

I see you now.

Only, not how I did then.

I just saw you as my everything,

just as you saw me.

You saw me, as my arms reached out for you in the middle of the night, 

your arms growing heavier as we swayed to the moon.

I was safe, cradled in an honest love.

You saw me as I toddled towards you, 

hiding your tears through smiles with open arms.

I now know how hard and lonely some days must have been,

but I just saw your smile.

You saw me and a million other things that needed to be done, 

but you held me instead.

And you still do, 

in so many ways.

You probably doubted yourself at times.

Or wondered if you were enough.

You were.

You were more than enough.

I get it now,

because some days I feel that way too.

And though things might have been different back then.

The clothes,

the hairstyles,

the way things were.

Time knows no bounds here.

Not in motherhood.

Now I’m seeing you again, 

but through new eyes.

Thank you,

for being who I needed then.

For being who I need now.

I see you.

Thank you for always seeing me.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Author: Jess Urlichs

Jess is a writer, mother of 2, and lover of 90’s hip hop. You can find her on Instagram here.

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