Focus shift

There’s always such interest in a pregnant woman.

Her body is home to a life who breeds such excitement and anticipation.

She’s often asked how far along she is, how she’s feeling, when her due date is, whether she’s finding out the gender, where she will birth, the intricate details of her birth plan, the size of her baby last week, whether she’s decided on names, and more.

The list goes on.

The questions are endless.

And she is considered so beautiful.

Others marvel at her growing bump.

They make predictors of her baby’s sex based on how high or low it is.

And they often want to touch it. Feel it. Be connected to this incredible stage which is

growing life.

In this season, a pregnant woman is considered so important.

She is told to rest.

To eat well

To drink enough water.

To make sure she is doing everything she can to give her baby the best possible chance.

And it is nice for her be seen in this way when undertaking such a responsibility.

It’s nice to be treated with such care and interest.

But then comes a shift.

When she births her beautiful baby into the world, suddenly she’s not the focus.

Attention moves to her baby.

And she gets it.

How could the focus not shift?

Her baby is the priority now, as well as the most beautiful thing she has ever laid eyes on.

It’s no wonder others want to lay eyes on her baby too.

But as she sits to the side, her body in ruins after all it’s been through, sometimes she feels forgotten.

The shift has left her feeling like she no longer matters.

And all she wants is for someone to hold her sometimes too, and to ask her a fraction of the questions she was asked when she carried life.

So please remember her.

Please remember that she is still essential to her baby’s life following birth.

Please remember her baby still relies on her for everything.

Please remember that her needs matter too.


She needs you too.

And so does her baby.

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