Here’s to the mums

Here’s to the mums;

To the seasoned mums,

the soon to be mums,

the still trying, could be mums,

and the would be, should be mums.

To the flying solo mums,

the stay at home mums,

the balancing a career mums,

and the wearing all the hats mums.

To the grieving mums,

the strained and estranged mums,

the foster and adoptive mums,

and the stepped in with open hearts mums.

To the tired mums,

the not loving it right now mums,

the taking it day by day,

and still figuring it all out mums.

To all the mums;

You are the divine creators,

the safe space holders,

the wipers of tears, 

and menders of tiny bruised hearts.

Your love knows no limits, and we hope you feel the full force of that love returned to you today.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Love Mumli x

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