If it weren’t for you


If it weren’t for you,
Those children of yours wouldn’t be here.
You grew them.
You birthed them.
And even if you didn’t,
You are raising them.

You are a necessity.
So often the beginning,
And always the constant middle ground.

And if it weren’t for you,
Everyone else would find this season more difficult.
Your children.
Your partner.
And their day to day life.

You are the glue of your family.
The thread holding everything together,
Even when you feel like you are about to fall apart.

And if it weren’t for you,
There would be a void.
Of your touch.
Of your care.
Of your kind of love.

You are such an important piece of the puzzle.
A maker of magic.
And the holder of so many hearts.

And if it weren’t for you,
The invisible work would become seen.
The little things you did would be missed more than anything.
The effort you put in from the start would become apparent.

Everything would be okay, but it would be different.
A new that would take a lot of adjusting to.
A past that could never be taken for granted.


If it weren’t for you,
There may not be the start.
The middle would be harder.
And much would end.

I hope you see your value today.
And every day.
Because you are incredible.

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