Like magic


We know you are finding some days hard right now.

We squabble with each other, make mess for fun together, and constantly compete for your attention.

And you are already so tired.

From dawn til’ dusk you are trying to make our lives easier, more enjoyable, and full of so much love.

Then we still keep you up a night. With no sense of time, we call for you.

And without hesitation, you tend to us.

We don’t know how you do it, but you do.

You make everything happen.

It’s like magic.

YOU are magic.

And even though you don’t tell us how hard it really is,

We sense it sometimes.

Through your trembling lips which say “Mummy is just going to take a moment”.

Through your deep breaths as you try to handle dinner with one hand. Sometimes less.

Through your hurried rocks and shortened stories as you try to calm us to sleep.

But please know we are right there with you, even though it may feel like a battle sometimes.

Please know that we see you giving your best, even when your best today looks different to yesterday’s.

Please know that we love you, even when you question it most.


You are our home,

And we feel safe here.

That’s why we save it all for you.

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