Makers of magic

The festive season is upon us.

It’s knocking on our doors, loudly.

And it’s an exciting time for many, especially our children, but it can also be a sad and stressful time for many in the driver’s seat.

There has been a lot going on this year.

We have parented through some incredibly difficult times.

And Christmas will likely be a time for reflection, with or without family members in person.

Mothers everywhere will carry a lot as they try to make this year as special as the last.

Because we want to keep the magic alive for our children however we can.

And we will.

We always do somehow.

But it comes with a heaviness that isn’t just in shopping bags.

It’s the mental load. The running checklists. The nights awake worrying about what we’ve forgotten. 

The peace we are trying to keep. The awkward discussions we are trying to avoid. The trying to accommodate everyone. 

It’s the cards. The sacks. The decorations. The Christmas lights. The elf on the shelf. 

It’s the “will there be enough food for everyone?” The “how much left of our budget do we have?” The “will they be offended if we don’t buy them gifts?”

It’s the mourning of family members, sending parcels internationally in advance, and wondering if they will make it at all.

It’s a whole raft of things adding to the weight. And although what makes up the weight will vary from mother to mother, the load is very similar for all of us.

We carry a lot, and Christmas time is no exception.

It’s the behind the scenes work which creates the magic, but can also add to the levels of already exhausted.

So Mama, be gentle with yourself.

You will make a magical Christmas for your children, just like you do every year. 

And whatever you do, try not to lose your own magic while making it for everyone else. 

Because you deserve to feel it.

And your children will love to see it.

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