Memories for a lifetime


I know you are busy right now. 

I know it’s hard to remember things.

And I definitely know that you need to believe that some things can wait.

I know because I’m there too.

But as I was reminded recently, time waits for no one, particularly not mothers growing into motherhood and children growing out of childhood.


Cue tears.

Hold your babies tighter.

But aside from finding that hard to hear, the reality is that all we will have when time has passed are memories of moments making up this time.

And given I already struggle to remember what happened yesterday, let alone last year, I don’t want to rely solely on my memory.

So I take photos when I can, or more commonly when I remember. 

Of my children,

My husband with our children,

Our very ordinary (and extraordinary) days at home.

But one thing I don’t always do is get in the photos with them. 

I’m often too busy behind the camera, or the moments making them smile.

Because that’s my priority.

And in the few instances that I do get in the shot, I often criticise myself. 

“I look so tired”.

“That’s a terrible angle”.

“Does my stomach really look like that?”

Sometimes I even delete the photos that make me feel insecure. 

And this all presents much bigger problems than I allow myself to realise.

I want my children to remember me in the moment with them.

I want to model self-confidence to them.

I never want to erase moments I will never get back.

So here’s a reminder to myself, and anyone else that needs to hear it:

Take the photos.

Get in the photos. 

And do not delete the photos that make you feel self-conscious.

Because one day you will be so damn grateful to have these memories which you were not just part of, 

But formed in the first place.

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