Mother mindset

So much of my mothering is in my mindset.

And the deeper in motherhood I’ve found myself, the more I’ve realised this.

But the thing is, my mind and all of its psychological factors are largely dictated by the

physical factors at play.

Whether my body is getting enough sleep.

Whether I am eating the right foods.

Whether I am drinking enough water.

Whether I am resting enough.

Whether I am doing what I “should” be doing.

And the answer most days is negative.





And it’s not for want of trying. I try every day to give my body, and my mind, the best

chance at working to the best of their ability.

But trying doesn’t always mean success.

Some days I can barely find the time to look at myself in the mirror before leaving the house.

And even if I make some of the “should’s” happen, it’s just not realistic to make everything

happen each day.

Because many of the factors at play are not up to me.

They are up to my children and their needs on any given day (and night).

And those needs fluctuate.

Some nights they need extra cuddles in the early hours of the morning.

Some days they need to be carried more.

Sometimes they just need me to leave whatever I’m doing, and whatever energy I don’t have

to the back of my mind, and be there for them.

And so the result of all of this – other than an immensely beautiful chapter of life with the

little people I love more than life itself – is a mindset that is undernourished most days.

Things become bigger than they need to be.

Things feel harder than they would be on a different day.

And mothering becomes more challenging.

So if you are feeling like your mindset is a little off, or that things feel a little harder than

normal right now, give yourself some grace.

Motherhood is a challenge.

But it’s not just the physical factors of mothering that we so often focus on that challenge us.

It’s the implications of the physical on the mindset too.

And that should never be underestimated.

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