Mums reveal how motherhood changed them

Becoming a mum can really challenge your sense of self. Your whole world changes the moment you hold your baby for the first time. It can feel like you lose yourself in the beginning, but we promise it’s just the season you’re in, and as you settle into your new role as Mum, you’ll find yourself again.

In saying that, becoming a Mum also forces you into some next level adulting (yep, there’s levels to this sh*t), and you develop superhuman resilience and patience.

We asked mums how motherhood has changed them and we promise it’s mostly for the better.

I forgot who I was before; being a mum is all-consuming. It took time to get myself back. – Lucy

In nearly every way! I still feel like me but now I never come first. Selfishness goes out the window… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. – Tamara

I became more fierce. Once I started advocating for someone else, I really found my strength. – Rhiannon

I’ve stopped caring as much about the little things. – Sara

It definitely made me grow up. I felt a love I never thought imaginable, and I wanted to be worthy of that love. – Ashley

I learned patience. – Helen

So much! I am still in there, but I only get to come out in full when my babies are silently asleep, not sick or teething, in their own beds, in our own house, in the next room while I’m hanging out with my husband. I am a background dweller in the hustle and bustle of raising little ones that loves the view, but can get a bit tired of being forgotten or taken for granted by little people sometimes. – Kira

It gave me a sense of purpose that I didn’t really have before. – Renee

I have a newfound love and appreciation for my husband. – Lauren

I don’t think it changed my identity. Before I had kids, I was a strong, empathetic, passionate, deliberate woman who cared about her own passions and those of her closest loved ones. I’m that same woman today, I just have more outlets for showing it! – Anna

It didn’t change me necessarily, it just helped me discover I was born to be a mum. – April

I feel more responsible. – Lara

I lost myself for a while. Then realised I would never be the same as I was. There were new parts of me and that’s OK. – Cassandra

It changed my sense of self so much that I now feel lost if I go to the shops without him! – Laura

I became selfless and have such a sense of purpose now. – Becky

Made me a more understanding and patient person. – Rachel

Becoming a mum definitely forced me to step up in my career, health, relationships. It’s made me want to create a better life for my daughter. – Anya

I never knew I was capable of such love… and anxiety! But I’ve also learned how to manage it a lot better. – Amanda

No longer a party animal, but still party at home with her when coffee kicks in! Woo hoo. – Lana

I have more self-love and I’ve learned how to give all I have to another person. – Tash

I have so much more appreciation for women and how incredible our bodies are. – Olivia

I’ve become more independent and confident in some ways. – Samantha

I’m more focused, more driven and more relaxed with a messy house. – Sheree

Physically, less time to spend on myself means I have had to learn to be confident without my full face of makeup and curled hair! Definitely made me more empathetic and less selfish. – Courtney

In every way. The kids are my life and I’ve lost myself. I’m trying to figure out my new identity now. – Kate

Probably the biggest change is having less time for bullsh*t, and dedicating more time to the important things. Also having to level up on my adulting. – Jade

If you’re a new mum and you’re feeling a little lost right now, know that it will pass. You will get yourself back, and when you do you’ll be stronger, more resilient, less phased by poonamis and probably only slightly less tired, we’re not going to lie.

How has motherhood changed you? Let us know in the comments.

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