Mums reveal the worst Mother’s Day gift they’ve ever received

Mums are meticulously thoughtful gift givers. After all, we’re generally the ones responsible for 90% of the gift giving in our family’s lives – the other 10% being our own birthday and of course, Mother’s Day.

Now, because you are thoughtful AF, you might expect your partner and kids to show a similar level of effort when organising your Mother’s Day gift.

Surely they recall the 3 hours you spent blowing up balloons and the homemade Frozen themed cake you crafted for your son’s birthday? Or the watch/tech item/sportsball tickets you surprised your partner with? The one they had mentioned in passing three months earlier (and you retained that info like the goddamn considerate GENIUS that you are).

If you’re a seasoned mum though, you might know better. You’ve probably received your fair share of average gifts – and we’re not talking about the unusable misshaped mug that your kid handmade and painted for you – that shit is adorable (the first three times anyway).

We’re talking about the last minute, panic bought gifts, the boring, overly practical gifts, and the “do you even know anything about me at all?” gifts.

So if you’d like a bit of a laugh and to know that you’re not the only one on the receiving end of a disappointing gift this year, read on. 

We asked mums to reveal the worst Mother’s Day gift they’ve ever received, and in true female fashion, they did not disappoint.

Cloth nappies (?!?) – Nell

One year I received socks, just socks. – Nicki

Daddy once brought home flavoured condoms on Mother’s Day! Hahahaha! To be fair, that side “gift” was in addition to a new coffee machine, which I loved. – Anna

Dressing gowns. Ok, they’re great. But I have a lot. – Tara

The game Mouse Trap! – Helen

A bag of food from IGA. It was a whoops quick let’s grab mum’s favourite treats… so it was actually great and delicious, but also like come on guys!!! Hahaha. – Rhiannon

An ugly candle that smelled as bad as it looked. – Kellie

A plastic rain bonnet. – Paula

My daughter gave me a homemade book of vouchers for things like washing the car, unloading the dishwasher… great concept, if only she had actually gone through with any of it when I tried to redeem them! – Elissa

Chocolates. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them, but I put on far too much weight. – Carmen

A toilet seat. – Jenna

Nothing…. Haha the day dad forgot to get a gift for the kids to give me. – Melanie

Laundry pegs. – Rachel

I got clothes for my baby. – Annie

Took me out to a restaurant for lunch (that clearly had not been booked ahead of time) and we couldn’t get a table! – Colleen

Binoculars. – Anya

Getting nothing! – Sheree

Haven’t had enough mother’s days to get a bad gift yet! My husband once bought me a voucher for a teeth clean at a new dentist as a birthday gift! I had mentioned that they had opened and the prices were good which he took as a hint I wanted to go there!? – Lena

I’ve had to buy my own gift a few times! – Catie

I received a sad bunch of flowers that were clearly bought on the way home within the last half hour, and must have been the very last ones left, also no card because he forgot. – Sam

Do future you a favour and send this article to your partner or kids (because we both know they probably haven’t bought your Mother’s Day present just yet) and stay tuned for our upcoming article revealing what mums actually want for Mother’s Day.

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