Same here

Do you ever stop yourself from sharing the hard because you feel as though you will come off as ungrateful?

Do you ever refrain from sharing all of your struggles, because you feel like it will look as though you don’t love your children?

Do you ever hold in your pain, because you feel like someone may consider you as being weak or somehow not adequately able to care for your children?

Because I used to.

Not just in motherhood, but in all aspects of my life.

I thought sharing the less than perfect was to unnecessarily open myself up to criticism, judgement, and shame.

That somehow it made me weak, or less than able, or overly vulnerable.

That letting people in on the very human element of my life would somehow make me less worthy.

But motherhood has opened this up for me.

I have been forced to let others in.

Because there hasn’t been as much capacity to hold in the imperfect.

I’ve had less energy to keep up with perfect.

I’ve had more reason to show my children what it is to find certain aspects of everything in life harder than others.

And it has been one of the best learnings.

I’ve realised the power in sharing my truth, and not only how well it’s received, but the ripple effect it has on others. 

Because so often when I tell another mother about a hard moment, a hard day, a hard week, I hear “same here”.

And when other mothers share their truths with me, it feels like a breath of fresh air. It gives me the permission I so often need to let out all of the breaths I have been holding and repeat “same here”.

Motherhood is hard.

And although we will all experience differing degrees of it,

At some point, or points, we will find it hard, harder or the hardest to move through.

So if you choose to share your ebbs and flows, and your “same here” thank you.

As a fellow mother, please know I’m not here to judge you, or criticise, or define your worth, love, or gratitude. 

I know how much love you have for your children, and how often you pinch yourself for the opportunity to be their mother.

Please keep sharing.

It helps.

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