Sisterhood of mothers

There’s something so special about the women you meet through Motherhood.

You are connected by the stories you share, even though you don’t always get to finish them.

You can feel like you know each other, even if you have never really met.

You can form some of the easiest friendships through the hardest of seasons.

These are the women you meet in your antenatal classes. The ones also holding their bumps with such freshness about them. Soaking up the information overload, sharing stories of restless nights, sizes of fruit, and the exact plans you have for every little thing. Because it all feels so big.

These are the women you meet in the birthing suite. The ones also holding the precious babies in their arms, the freshness having left with all of the sleep you are no longer getting. You pass each other in the corridors while talking your first steps post-birth or see each other in the car park as you are about to embark on your first drive home, which will almost certainly be at a constant speed of 30km.

These are the women you meet at coffee groups, at playdates, or at parks. You exchange stories of regressions, different shades of poo, and endless examples of how it’s nothing as you pictured or going to any sort of plan. 

These are the women you meet online through shared experience. You may only meet behind keyboards, but you feel connected through the words you read, or the comments you see posted at 3am in the morning.

These are the women you meet, wherever you meet, for however long or short you meet them.

And of these women, there will always be the ones who give you what you need in that moment.

These are the women who give you reassurance, a laugh, or a much-needed tissue.

These are the women who help you with your forgotten nappies, wipes, or your sanity.

These are the women who do nothing other than smile at you when you need it.

And there will also be the women that become part of your motherhood, for much longer.

These are the women who help you find your feet, and keep them walking in the right direction.

These are the women who don’t need you to say anything, but will listen if you say everything, and regularly say “I’ve been there”.

These are the women who understand if you don’t message back, or come to things, but keep calling and inviting you anyway.

These are the women who have your back. Who help make life easier. Who help you move mountains.

These are the women who love your children as much as you. Who show up for you, and for them, no matter what’s involved.

These are the women who have seen you at your lowest of lows and your highest of highs, but never forget your middle ground.

These women, all of these women become part of your hood.

They are such a vital part of motherhood.

They are the sisterhood.

And it would all be so much harder without them.

So here’s to the women.

In my hood, in your hood, in every mother’s hood.

We all know them.

And we all have no idea what we would do without them.

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