The little things

As a mother, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

It’s having things done without having to ask.

It’s someone offering to help, willingly, and with every intention of following through.

It’s being told you are doing a good job, with sincerity.

We don’t ask for much, do we?

And perhaps that’s a problem—the root of why we can feel unappreciated and undervalued sometimes.

Perhaps we should be asking for more—as everyone else seems so quick to encourage us to do.

But perhaps there is a different reasoning most of the time.

Perhaps this is what happens when you know what it’s like to be the giver of the smallest things and how much these things actually mean to your littlest loves.

For them it’s the hugs and kisses at night, not the new outfit.

It’s their favourite snuggly that you remember to pack in their school bag, not the hat you forgot.

It’s the moments of time spent with them, not where or how you spend that time.

As mothers, we meet these little needs every day.

We know that it’s these little things that cut right to the core of what we all need as humans—to feel safe, loved and valued—from childhood through to adulthood.

As mothers, we don’t ask for much.

And at the end of the day, it seems all we really need is others to realise that these little things mean something really big to us too.

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